MindTap for Instructors: How Do I Get Started With MindTap

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This video covers logging into your Cengage.com Instructor account and Resource Center, adding a title and MindTap option to your account and how to create and manage your MindTap course. For more information, please visit MindTap digital course support at Cengage Learning.

Four Cengage Learning Digital Solutions Nominated for 2014 SIAA CODiE Awards!

Cengage Learning is pleased to announce that four of our digital products were named as finalists for the 2014 SIIA CODiE Awards in six education and content categories:

    MindTap – Best Postsecondary Personalized Learning Solution
    myNGconnect (National Geographic Learning)– Best Social Sciences Instructional Solution
    myNGconnect (National Geographic Learning) – Best Cross-Curricular Solution
    Health Care Career Exploration Learning Lab – Best PK-12 Personalized Learning Solution
    Health Care Career Exploration Learning Lab – Best Use of Video to Support Student Learning
    Questia – Best Consumer Information Resource
We’re very honored to be named among the nominees, especially because the Read More…

MindTap: Tapping into Technology to Engage Learners and Transform Learning

Technology is a must in today’s higher education classroom. Learners demand it, and instructors recognize the power of technology to transform learning.

Cengage Learning’s MindTap has been shown to enhance engagement and improve learning outcomes while reducing instructor workload. In this infographic, you’ll see how the adoption of MindTap increases instructors’ ability to engage with learners and how it makes effective and efficient use of in- and out-of-class time. Read More…

Beyond the eBook: The Advantages of Integrated Course Solutions

Many industry experts see an eBook as a mere transition strategy, particularly in the higher education market, as publishers build out their libraries of integrated, student-centric course solutions that are specifically designed to improve outcomes. This paper provides an overview of the types of ebooks that are currently on the market today, discusses some of the research that has led to the development of the latest generation of integrated course solutions, and concludes with a list of features that instructors and school administrators should look for when choosing a provider of integrated, student-centric course solutions. Read More…

Increasing Student Learning Outcomes with MindTap

Examine the results of both qualitative and quantitative studies conducted in Fall, 2012 suggesting that MindTap is an effective tool for improving student learning and where students using MindTap substantially increased their content knowledge and skills over the course of a semester. Read More…

MindTap: Tapping Into Technology to Engage Learners and Transform Learning

Technology is changing the educational environment at a rapid pace, presenting both challenges and opportunities. Today’s learners are not content to learn solely from books. They are used to technology in all aspects of their lives, and the classroom is no exception.

Professors are looking for tools that allow them to better engage with learners while making effective and efficient use of their in- and out-of-class time. This white paper demonstrates just how MindTap targets those specific areas. Read More…

MindTap Increases Engagement in Robert Black’s Intro to Business and Economics Course

Seeking a technology solution that encourages self-paced, personalized learning, while providing the content and resources that students need to stay motivated and succeed in your classes? Discover how Robert Black of State University of New York Maritime College (Throggs Neck, NY) used the personalized Learning Plans, the MindTap Reader, and other features of MindTap to increase student engagement, offer additional guidance, and improve grades in his Introduction to Business course. Read More…

Sherri Hoss’ Students See, Hear, Practice, and Learn Medical Terms with MindTap™

Looking for an online learning solution for your medical terminology course that reinforces key concepts, helps students absorb and retain complex terms, and motivates them to come to class prepared? Discover how Sherri Hoss of Southeast Technical Institute (Sioux Falls, SD) used MindTap Medical Terminology for Health to improve learning and retention, increase student engagement, and promote better student preparedness for future coursework.  Read More…

Scott Domowicz: Better Outcomes for Students, Across Disciplines and Courses

Enthusiastic about the possibilities that technology lends to the teaching and learning process? Seeking a way to deliver that up-to-date, interactive online learning experience to your students? In this Success Story, you’ll learn how the content, features, and MindApps within MindTap helped R. Scott Domowicz and other instructors at the Erie Institute of Technology (Erie, PA) to increase student engagement before, during, and after class; support the learning preferences of their school’s student population; and see an improvement in students’ grades. Read More…

Professor Mary Jo Slater’s Medical Terminology Students Benefit from Flexibility of Resources

Are you looking for a learning solution that motivates students and helps them master the vocabulary you cover in your medical terminology course? The readings, multimedia activities, and assessments—all integrated into a consistent Learning Path available within MindTap—helped Dr. Mary Jo Slater of Community College of Beaver County (Monaca, PA) to improve student preparedness, engagement, and outcomes in her online medical terminology class. Learn more in the Success Story presented below. Read More…