MindTap Helps History Students at Arkansas Tech University Improve Their Mindset and Grades

Some students approach U.S. History courses with eagerness about the topic—while others need added motivation and study-skill development in order to make it through the class. How can you help all your students engage with the subject matter and become more enthusiastic about what they’re studying? Discover how Dr. Carey Roberts used MindTap to engage students in active learning opportunities, encourage efficient study and review of course material, and ultimately see improved grades in a United States History class at Arkansas Tech University.

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Efficacy of Online Learning Solutions in Introductory Psychology Courses

This report highlights the results of an efficacy study of the impact of using online learning solutions within entry-level college psychology courses. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the CourseMate online learning solution on instructor productivity and student achievement and engagement. (To increase student engagement, CourseMate content and functionality is being incorporated into two other online solutions, Aplia™ and MindTap™, which are available and described later in this document.)

Project Tomorrow facilitated this study on behalf of Cengage Learning. Read More…

MindLinks — The New Rules of LMS Content Integration

The quality and quantity of publisher-provided content has increased dramatically over the past 20 years, since the introduction of academic learning management systems (LMS) in the 1990s. Today’s professors expect a wide range of digital content that can be quickly and easily loaded into the LMS.

See how some publishers are leveraging LMS standards to provide instructors with the ability to customize content and achieve gradebook integration within the LMS. Read More…

Students Share an Inspiring Slice of Life With Us

To truly learn means not giving up when the learning gets difficult.”   — Addie Ratcliff, MindTap “Slice of Your Life” contest first-place winner.
“I learn through action, and understanding as a result of kinetics. And through this singular experience, I found out how to apply a creative learning technique in other areas of my learning journey – and it has forever benefited me.” 
— Will Donovan, MindTap “Slice of Your Life” contest second-place winner. Throughout this week, we’ve posted the feedback and best practices that you’ve shared with us as you’ve read and reflected on blog topics about teaching online, Read More…