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Top 5 Mobile Apps for College Instructors

With all the education apps available on the market, how do you sort the worthwhile from the useless? The best apps for instructors make life easier and help you better utilize technology in the classroom. As you’re heading back to school this fall, take a peek at some of the most recommended apps to help you organize your course materials and be able to access your resources from anywhere–so if you want to meet an advisee at a local coffee shop, you won’t miss the computer in your office.

Productivity tools

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Apps and Tools: How to Get Organized In the Classroom and Out

Computer-based educational technology has spread the classroom experience out of the campus and into the pockets of students and instructors alike. Today, all it takes is a smart phone or tablet to create, share, and communicate ideas, projects, and learning with others. The ability to create a media-rich, interactive, and customized learning experience helps to keep students motivated and engaged. Tools and apps also help both students and instructors to schedule their time and manage their work flow. Here are just a few of the tools and apps that you may find useful.


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Tips for Students: Top Apps for Focus and Organization

The end of the semester is in your sights. Good concentration and study skills are even more vital than usual this time of year. Mobile applications are simple ways for college students to study smarter, research faster, and get organized. But where to begin? Try these top mobile apps for keeping up with the demands of your college courses.

Improve focus

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