National Arts and Humanities Month

Improve Student Outcomes in Philosophy with MindTap

What strategies are you using to reach and engage the students in your Philosophy courses? Have you considered using a digital solution? According to a recent report, 74% of surveyed college students feel they would perform better if their instructors would use more technology.

Students in Logic and Philosophy courses are spending more time on their homework and earning better grades when MindTap counts for 20% of their grade.

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Support Student Success in Art Courses with MindTap

Wondering how to support student success in your art courses, such as art history? Try incorporating digital for a grade. Recent analysis of MindTap usage across the 2014-2015 academic year demonstrates that using MindTap can have a significant and positive impact on student learning and outcomes. Instructors who make MindTap count for at least 20% of their students’ score are seeing higher engagement and improved outcomes.

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Improving Learning Outcomes: A Change in Philosophy

Guest Contributor: Worth Hawes, PhD, Senior Academic Services Consultant, Cengage Learning. In today’s post, Worth Hawes shares how his attitudes toward setting learning outcomes have changed since his time as a PhD student teaching philosophy to undergrads. How have your opinions, perceptions, and attitudes shifted with regard to establishing expected outcomes up front? Has your experience been similar, or have you taken a different road to the opinion you have today? Please share with us in the comments section below. I’ll confess that when I was finishing up my PhD in philosophy fifteen years ago—writing the dissertation in between Read More…