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Four Tips: Creating Prompts for Online Discussion Boards

Particularly for online courses, using discussion boards can be an effective way to encourage group or team interaction. You can encourage peer-to-peer interaction as students react or respond to a prompt and then interact with one another based on those responses, or assign a prompt for each student to read and respond to that you can evaluate personally. No matter the goal of your discussion board activity, you likely want to ensure that students’ responses are thoughtful, complete, and insightful. Read on for tips, courtesy of the TeamUP Professional Development Portal, that you can keep in mind as Read More…

Building Community Online: The Voice of Experience

Teaching a course online presents its own unique challenges when it comes to building a sense of community and connecting with your students. Listen as Dr. Clayton Austin, Senior Consultant with TeamUP Faculty Programs, interviews Dr. Chris Gilmer about building community online. Chris shares his advice, discusses some of the challenges you may face when teaching online, and outlines some keys to success in this environment.
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This podcast comes from the TeamUP Professional Development Portal, and makes up a small part of one of the self-paced multimedia Read More…