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Cengage Learning Executive News in Higher Ed: Issue 2

Use any content from any source — New tools for greater integrated learning.

Learning Objects delivers the seamless integrated digital learning experience that institutions have long demanded. Learn more about how Learning Objects and their Difference Engine use existing infrastructure, content, and technologies to build cutting edge programs.
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Thought Leadership Recap: Accessibility & Content Delivery

How can institutions deliver quality and accessible online education at scale? Dr. Kristina Mitchell details her strategies from Texas Tech University in the Thought Leadership Forum: Revolutionizing Accessibility and Content Delivery.
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APPlause for APPS! Five Great Apps to Create Meaningful Connections Inside (and Outside) the Classroom

I love technology! I guess if I’m being completely honest, what I really love is the engagement, excitement, and interactivity that technology brings to my college classroom. I’m not talking about the bells and whistles (although that’s fun too), but the true engagement that happens when I utilize a technology that really resonates with my digitally native students, that connects them to each other, and (most importantly) helps them master course content. So, whether you are new to using technology in the classroom or an old technology-pro, here are five of my favorite apps and technologies to engage students Read More…

Teaching Online Introductory Accounting Course For The First Time: What to Expect

With colleges and universities offering more courses online, professors may have to teach courses online for the first time. This paper serves to address the expectations of teaching a course online for the first time, and offers recommendations for new starters of online courses.

The research was based on the introductory accounting courses I taught in summer semester 2014. A survey was given to the students to address their course expectations and results. I also examined the grade distribution and withdrawal rates between the two different course delivery methods (online and on-campus).
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Webinar: Revolutionizing Accessibility and Content Delivery

Eager to learn how your peers are revolutionizing the delivery and design of online courses? Looking for tips on successful implementation strategies? Ready to optimize results?

Join us on Tuesday, November 10 at 2 PM EST / 11 AM PST for the Thought Leadership Forum: Accessibility and Content Delivery.

Register for the webinar today!
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Five Guidelines for Effective Online Presentations

What does it take to keep a classroom full of students engaged in your lecture? Some will say skill; some might say natural talent; others will cite expertise. Take these factors into consideration, add a dash of confidence and humor, and you’re on the road to an effective and engaging lecture! If you’re used to presenting in person, you’re probably quite sure of what you need to do in order to succeed. However, if you’ve been asked to conduct an online seminar or teach an online course for the first time, you likely recognize that you’ll have to apply Read More…

Microsoft Office Mix: Integrated with MindTap for Computing

Thanks to the growth in online learning, as well as teaching approaches such as the flipped classroom, more and more instructors are creating interactive video lectures designed to educate and engage their students. New software solutions such as Microsoft Office Mix provide instructors like you with the ability to create these dynamic presentations with skill, polish, and ease. At Cengage Learning, we’re always seeking out ways to support your use of technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience. That’s why Cengage Learning is the first publisher to partner with Microsoft to offer Microsoft Office Mix integrated Read More…

Successful Strategies for Creating Online Discussion Prompts

Close your eyes, and picture the most engaging discussion you’ve ever had in a classroom. What characterized that discussion? Was it the participants’ passion and enthusiasm for a particular topic? Was it their energized, but respectful, debate around differing perspectives on a challenging subject? Did they have an open, honest conversation that tied their personal experiences to the broader political, economic, or social issues at hand? Quite possibly, you pictured a combination of all these elements, taking place in one dynamic conversation. Now, consider: how might you transfer those same elements into an online setting? If your course includes an online discussion component, you may asking yourself that very question. What Read More…

Encouraging Students to Use Research Databases

Guest contributor: Joseph Palmisano, Senior Editor at Gale, a part of Cengage Learning. As college instructors and academic librarians, you encounter it most working days: students who use free Web resources—rather than research databases—to complete course assignments. Do you ever wonder if academic research findings support your experiences? Well, let’s find out.   Based upon our survey of academic journals and trade magazines, students often demonstrate common online research behaviors. These include:

    Relying heavily on Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube, often instead of libraries’ research databases (Anderson 2011)
    Using Wikipedia because “it meets students’ needs in terms of coverage, currency, convenience and
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How to Implement Mobile Learning Activities in Your Course

Wondering how you can implement mobile learning activities in your course? Looking for some tips that can help you make smart use of smartphones (and other devices) in the classroom? Take some time to get “Lost & Found in a Wonderland of Mobile Learning”! In this presentation, recorded during our recent online workshop “Wired and Inspired!: The Intelligent Use of Technology in Higher Education,” Shelley Rodrigo, visiting professor at the University of Arizona, will introduce you to a variety of ways that you can provide your students with opportunities to engage in mobile learning. Rodrigo’s resource-packed presentation offers:

    Background information on the current state
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