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Tips for Students: How To Get the Most Out of Summer

Summer break is just around the corner for many students. Some college students use their summer vacation to relax, while others take the opportunity to get ahead. Whatever their preference, share these tips with your students for getting the most out of their summer. Read More…

With Digital Learning Solutions, Assignments Matter

Within the past few years, advances in digital learning solutions have increased the options available to instructors. The challenge for instructors has evolved from simply incorporating a digital solution into their classroom into how to best leverage the myriad options available within the solution. Research conducted by Cengage Learning shows that the biggest difference can come from weighting assignments within the digital solution as part of a course grade. Instructors across disciplines have reported higher levels of student engagement in course materials when at least 20% of their course grade is tied to their digital learning solution. This white paper will examine a semester-long study of instructors using MindTap as well as individual stories of instructors successfully implementing digital learning solutions in their respective courses.

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Promoting Improved Outcomes in a Hybrid Course

How do you promote better outcomes in your classroom? Our recent MindTap Best Practices contest prompted instructors across the country to share their ideas and experiences for engaging their students with MindTap. We have learned a lot from these stories showcasing how MindTap turns the light on engagement. We are happy to award second place to two exceptional MindTap users. The first, Professor Lesley Kauffman, teaches History at San Jacinto College’s Central campus. Here’s how Professor Kauffman uses MindTap to improve student outcomes: As a History professor, I teach in a discipline that is very content driven. Last semester I Read More…

Technology and eLearning Tools: Share Your Insights

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) is seeking input from educators regarding their use of technology and eLearning tools in the classroom.

As members of the SIIA, we wanted to extend to you the opportunity to participate in this survey. The SIIA will report on its findings, which will provide educators and administrators with valuable insights regarding the use of educational technology in today’s teaching and learning environments.

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Bridge the Digital Divide in Your Classroom: EdTech Tips

We’ve all heard about the split between technology haves and have-nots. In fact, you probably witness this digital divide in your own classroom—to a greater or lesser extent. As a result, even if you wanted to incorporate new edtech tools into your course, you may be reluctant to do so if you fear that a percentage of your students won’t have access to the resources—and thus the content and learning experiences—that you want them to have.

How to reach all students with technology: Tips from TeamUP

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Towards the Pathways Vision Model of Introductory Accounting

The Pathways Vision Committee was chartered to create a vision to transform the first course in accounting to attract diverse, high-potential students. The American Accounting Association lauded the Vision Model for three overarching features that includes interdependent elements, a simple yet deep visual, and an inclusive approach. The model is also consistent with a number of emerging trends in accounting education, including:

A Midwestern university attempted to apply the ideas of the Pathways Vision Model to the introductory accounting class in an online environment during the summer 2014 semester. Based on student feedback some adjustments for the fall 2014 semester and additional adjustments in the spring 2015 course were made. The paper describes the approach used to make an online introductory class consistent with the Pathways Vision Model.

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Relevant and Intelligent Uses of EdTech in Your Classroom

You’ve heard about the many advantages of using edtech in your course, and you’ve probably seen many edtech tools and learning solutions designed to support learning in your field or discipline. You may be intrigued or impressed—and, you may want to try out those tools for yourself. However, you don’t want to force a new resource or learning solution into your curriculum simply for the sake of adding technology to your class. Likewise, you don’t want start using the latest and greatest edtech tools just to follow the crowd. On the other hand, if you can think of Read More…

MindTap for Introduction to American Government

Rich Powell teaches at the University of Maine, and has used MindTap in his Introduction to American Government course for approximately a year, in conjunction with Janda et al.’s The Challenge of Democracy text. Rich teaches his Introduction to American Government course both in person and online. He appreciates that MindTap offers a seamless integration into the Blackboard Learning Management System. MindTap’s integration with Blackboard lessens his workload and adds to his efficiency, while giving students a better overall experience.

Rich has also found the content within MindTap helps engage his students in course concepts. The engaging content found in MindTap reinforces students’ understanding of concepts they learn in class while developing their critical thinking skills.

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iLrn Keeps Heather Bonikowski’s Online French Students on Track

Heather Bonikowski is a French instructor at Austin Community College in Austin, Texas. She has used the Horizons textbook for her French I and II courses since 2003, and uses iLrn in conjunction with the textbook.

Heather is teaching a self-designed online version of French I and II. She has found that keeping students on pace with the lesson is a major challenge when teaching online, as students tend to procrastinate and, therefore, fall behind.

With iLrn, Heather’s students have the tools to stay on task with each lesson. eSam assignments encourage students to do the practice that needs to be done to be successful, while the pre- and post-tests measure their mastery of a lesson prior to the exam.

What’s more, Heather has found that iLrn’s grading tools not only help save her time, but provide students with valuable feedback. Additionally, different grading options allow Heather to provide general feedback on critical areas for the entire class.

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Teaching with Technology: Get the Training You Need

Your department’s using a new text next term… and the latest technology alongside it. You think: I’ve already got this term’s assignments to grade, classes to teach, and exams to prepare… in addition to all my research, administrative tasks, and departmental meetings. How am I supposed to find time to learn this technology—and turn around and be the “expert” in front of all my students? Things have gone well without these tech tools so far… Why change start teaching with technology NOW? These concerns are understandable, especially if you’ve never taught with technology before. However, they need not be Read More…