Open Educational Resources

On Openness and Learning

I attended OpenEd for the first time in 2008. I dug up some notes from the event and rediscovered an observation by Yoshimi Fukuhara of Keio University. He asserted that Open Courseware (now generally referred to as Open Educational Resources or OER) is often too focused on content and not enough of learning design and the learning experience.

OER: Content vs. Design

While openness for its own sake has practical and philosophical value, there is broad consensus that content in an educational context (be it open or otherwise) is only as valuable as the outcomes it contributes to. The Read More…

Exploring Learning, Open Educational Resources, and Ed Tech

Guest Contributor: Cheryl Costantini, VP of Content Strategy, Cengage About a month ago, the EdTechWomen organization in San Francisco asked if I was interested in being a panelist for a discussion on Open Educational Resources. I gladly accepted the opportunity; a chance to talk about my perspectives on OER, what they mean for education, and how they can help students is something I love to talk about.

A panel of pioneers

The event was hosted at the Udemy office. Two of my colleagues, Shuning Yan and Yuxi Liu are members of the group, and several other colleagues came to the discussion. The title Read More…