Persistence Prevails in Student Success with Learning Objects

Students at Arizona State University needed a personalized online solution to support the flipped classroom model—Learning Objects to the rescue! Using excellent instructional design and technology demonstrably helps students, faculty and institutions. This case study describes our work with Arizona State University’s Psychology department where we developed personalized tools—using our Learning Objects platform—to heighten retention and persistence in students using LO. Here’s what we found:

    Targeted feedback for incorrect answers motivated students to persist until they got it right
    Engagement increased as students used easy-to-follow videos and interactive tools within LO, along with their psych book
    And, most importantly, students who used the
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How Professor Elevates Digital Learning with MindTap

MindTap and Cengage support upgrade Psychology professor’s confidence in digital technology.

Digital Learning, Done Better

Social Psychology Professor Carmon Hicks makes student interaction the focus of class time at Indiana’s Ivy Tech Community College, so it’s logical that she’d want to promote interactivity outside of class, too. Hicks’ experience with another company’s digital product was so negative that she stopped using it midway through the term. Now she’s using MindTap from Cengage, and she and her students are more than content. In fact, all but two students got an A or B on the midterm, and Hicks is effusive in Read More…

First-Time User Falls In Love with MindTap for Educational Psychology

Nia Berry, junior at Texas Southern University, found herself better prepared in her MindTap classes than in her non-MindTap classes, having a better experience than expected as a first-time user of  MindTap for Educational Psychology.

Student Success Story

Challenge: Nia, an Education major who felt pressed for time was wary of digital learning products Solution: MindTap for Educational Psychology Result: Nia “fell in love” with MindTap, saving her from having to make and print flashcards. It further streamlined searching and creating study guides, and gave her confidence to participate in class.

Find out why Nia fell in love with MindTap for Educational

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Student Gets Deeper Understanding of Psychology with MindTap

Natalie Schoenfeld from Ohio State University gained a deeper understanding of—and new perspectives on—her Psychology course material by using MindTap for Psychology to enhance learning.

Student Success Story

Challenge: Motivated neuroscience major needed an effective study tool to solidify her grasp of course content

Solution: MindTap for Psychology

Result: Natalie earned an A; MindTap quizzes prepared her for tests and boosted her confidence, by providing practice with likely test questions and guided feedback for questions answered incorrectly


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Arizona State University Psychology Dept. Gets Psyched with Learning Objects

Using excellent instructional design and technology demonstrably helps students, faculty and institutions. This case study describes our work with Arizona State University’s Psychology department where we developed personalized tools (using our Learning Objects platform) to support a flipped classroom model. The results were outstanding:

    Double-digit improvement in student retention
    Unanimous acclaim by the students that the platform was easy to use and navigate
    And, most importantly: students who used the tools did demonstrably better in the course

Partnering with Cengage for Instructional Design

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What Research Reveals About Basic Human Needs and Interactions

The need to belong is one of humanity’s strongest driving forces. According to Roy F. Baumeister, Eppes Eminent Scholar and Professor of Psychology at Florida State University, we are hardwired to desire acceptance. What happens when that need is blocked? In this month’s podcast, Dr. Baumeister recounted enlightening and surprising revelations from research into the effects of rejection on the human psyche. “Being rejected is like being bonked over the head with a two by four,” Dr. Baumeister said. He added that childhood rejection can make a person more susceptible to suffer from physical pain as an adult. Methods and results Read More…

Student Struggles with Time Management and Difficult Exams that Require Rigorous Preparation

When Nia Berry, a sophomore majoring in education, left her hometown in Ohio for Texas Southern University, she was looking for a challenge that would prepare her for the next phase of her life. “I wanted to branch out,” Berry said. “I was afraid if I didn’t take a chance and go somewhere else I’d never leave my hometown.” The challenges Berry found herself facing were daunting; besides managing her time and priorities Berry found it difficult to balance her financial obligations with social activities in which she wished to take part. Eventually, Berry wants to teach reading, language Read More…

Time Management and Difficult Exams Require Rigorous Preparation

Carving out time to study efficiently and effectively while balancing extracurricular activities as well as financial pressures is no easy feat for college students. MindTap streamlines test preparation and helps students study more efficiently and perform better on exams. Courses using MindTap experience greater retention rates and improved critical thinking skills due to students’ ability to personalize study tools to meet their specific needs. Psychology student Nia Berry believes that MindTap helps students better comprehend and retain concepts not included in classroom lectures, and as such she touts MindTap to other students as something that helps them learn to study more effectively in other classes, as well. As a Read More…

Instructor Applauds Seamless Integration of MindTap and Blackboard

Eileen O’Brien teaches psychology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, where she has used online course resources for ten years. She was dissatisfied with the first two solutions she used because they didn’t work as they were supposed to—particularly in terms of integrating with the institution’s Blackboard® learning management system. Today, Eileen relies on MindTap® from Cengage Learning and is a contented user.
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Better Engagement, Better Outcomes—MindTap® Proves Its Impact in the Humanities and Social Sciences

In college classrooms across the country, instructors are witnessing the effectiveness of MindTap® in improving academic outcomes and engagement in today’s courses, as well as its ability to transform today’s students into critical thinkers. Research conducted by Cengage Learning—including in-depth conversations with instructors who use MindTap—verifies the digital solution’s positive impact. The data from these instructors’ courses demonstrates multiple successes: strong student engagement with assignments, greater mastery of course content, higher test scores, and overall improved student performance and success rates.

Students recognize MindTap’s advantages, too. They’re telling their instructors that MindTap truly helps them review, understand, and master the course content—and that they enjoy engaging with the content, homework, and learning activities.
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