Spanish Efficacy

Conectados Solves the Challenges Faced By an Outdated Text

Teaching Spanish at Des Moines Area Community College in Ankeny, Iowa, gives Mary West plenty of exposure to a variety of different students. From typical 18-year-old freshmen to working re-entry students, her elementary and intermediate Spanish courses allow her to interact with students who are digital natives and some who may take longer to embrace online activities and assignments. These courses and students also require monitoring—so she can easily intervene to help a struggling student—and a heavy time investment to accurately correct homework and activities. When West and her colleagues learned that their existing text was going out of Read More…

iLrn Accommodates Diverse Teaching Styles at the University of Wisconsin – Madison

As Assistant Director of lower-division Spanish at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, Anna Gemrich is focused on meeting the needs of both instructors and students. When her department’s previous intermediate Spanish textbook introduced a digital component, Anna was concerned about its high learning curve and complex set-up. Instructors had been wanting a textbook change anyway, so a search led to Cengage Learning’s Exploraciones Curso Intermedio. The text, accompanied by the iLrn™ all-in-one online course management system and a multimedia eBook, offered a range of resources and teaching flexibility that satisfied everyone.
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Conectados Helps Sue Griffin Engage Students at Boston University

Sue Griffin has been a Spanish instructor for almost twenty years and is currently a Senior Lecturer for Spanish at Boston University. Throughout her teaching career Sue has always incorporated technology into her instruction, and decided to implement a flipped classroom for the Fall 2014 semester of Introductory Spanish at Boston University.

Sue designed the course to facilitate more in-class interaction – students would read grammar outside of class and class time would be focused on conversation. For the Fall semester, Sue used a printed workbook, which was not a good fit with the flipped environment she had implemented. She soon realized that she needed one learning solution that would be appropriate and engaging to
beginning as well as more advanced students in her course. She looked at Conectados with iLrn and discovered it was designed the way she had in mind.

In this success story, you’ll learn how Conectados with iLrn helped foster more engagement in Sue’s Spanish course. You’ll also see how the activities that students completed outside of the classroom allow for more effective self-paced study. What’s more, you’ll read about the tools within iLrn that allow the instructor to monitor student progress outside of class — critical for an effective flipped classroom.
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iLrn Engages Students Inside and Outside of Cecilia Marrugo-Puello’s Spanish Grammar Class

Cecilia Marrugo-Puello is an Assistant Professor of Spanish at Tarleton State University, a part of the Texas A&M system of schools. She uses iLrn in her Advanced
Composition and Grammar course, which is an upper-intermediate Spanish course required for every Spanish major and minor at Tarleton State.

Cecilia believes that iLrn is extremely effective at reaching different language learning styles, and also believes that iLrn is highly effective at reinforcing concepts when students are working outside of class. iLrn also helps her reach two very distinct student populations in her classroom: native and non-native Spanish speakers.

As a result of using iLrn in her course, Cecilia has seen the following results and benefits:
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