Top 4 Back-to-School Stress Management Techniques

Back-to-school stress affects college students and instructors alike. Simply being mindful of stress management techniques can work wonders to help you feel better and learn to concentrate on the school year. Try our top four tips for managing stress as you return to another busy school year this fall.

Power of positive thinking

Think happy thoughts. It sounds simplistic but most stress comes from worry, frustration, and anxiety, usually about things you can’t control. Going back to school presents challenges, uncertainty, and awkward social situations—all of which can suck your emotional energy and cause stress. Instead, focus on all the positive experiences Read More…

How to Help Adult Learners Stay Motivated and Stress-Free

Most people think of college students as young, twenty-somethings who have few responsibilities beyond academics. As instructors we know that many of our students are over the age of 25, have a job and a family to support. They have returned to school driven by a motivation to change careers, advance in their profession or complete a degree that was begun years ago. However, despite a firm motivation to succeed, these students face incredible challenges and stresses. What can we do as instructors to smooth their way and help them stay on track with their goals?

The advantage of

Read More…

Tips for Students: How to De-stress Over Winter Break

Winter break provides a much-needed opportunity to unwind from the stress of finals. And after a long, challenging semester, students and instructors both deserve it! Share these de-stressing tips with your students before they head out for winter break or try them for yourself.

Yoga and other exercise

The beauty of yoga is that it can help your body and mind in many different ways. You can try a “yoga for relaxation” class or you can get your heart pumping with strength and cardio variations. Either or both may be just what you need to clear your mind and even warm you up Read More…