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Student Athlete Challenged With Managing Time and Commitments In and Out of the Classroom

As a physical therapy major, Bailey Sullivan hopes one day to help others recover and move about free of pain and discomfort. However, the Texas Christian University freshman recently experienced some discomfort of her own and needed help navigating her commitments with school work.

While Sullivan has always considered herself a good student, she found the importance and weight given to college exams intimidating. Sullivan credits Cengage Learning’s MindTap tool, a digital learning solution that
helps students become better critical thinkers, providing real-time mobile access, and the ability to track individual student performance, with helping her better manage time and prepare more thoroughly for exams.

In this Student Success Story, you’ll read how Sullivan’s engagement has increased, as she’s seen how to apply what she’s learning in class to real-life scenarios. You’ll also see how MindTap’s features (such as its pre-tests, chapter-specific lessons, flashcards, and quizzes) have built Sullivan’s confidence and helped her build stronger study habits.

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Time-Strapped Student Looks to Balance Academic Responsibilities with Extracurriculars

Rachel Bull, a freshman at Texas Christian University, does most of her studying during the early morning hours, long before classes actually begin. Despite waking up before her peers, Bull says it’s still hard to find the time required to complete her coursework and prepare thoroughly for tests.

Bull dreams of working one day for a large fashion company in New York City. At the time, however, she says it’s difficult to balance her course load with other interests such as working out, church, and staying in touch with family. “I’m pretty good at managing time but with so many assignments it just gets overwhelming,” she said.

In this Student Success Story, you’ll read how MindTap’s personalized learning environment has saved Rachel time, while also minimizing her stress. You’ll also see how MindTap’s real-time performance evaluations promote better study habits and test preparation… leading to better grades, better time management, and increased awareness of her progress in class.

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Student Insights: How Aplia Made Me Better Prepared for Class

In the video below, students from Phi Theta Kappa’s 2014 NerdNation convention discuss how Cengage Learning’s Aplia boosted their skills, engaged them through relevant resources, and and made them better prepared for class.

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Students at Harold Washington College Rate their Experiences with Aplia

How would students rate their experiences with Aplia? To find out, we asked students at Chicago’s Harold Washington College to give us their feedback.
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Opposing Viewpoints in Context Serves as Student’s “Go To” Resource for College and Beyond

Tyler Hitchcock is a Government and Economics major at Central Michigan University — with plans to get a Master’s in Public Administration and a goal of working for the Michigan Department of State — and he works full time. Tyler attends school in the evenings, taking classes both online and on campus. To save time when he works on papers and research projects, his primary “go
to” resource is Gale’s Opposing Viewpoints in Context (OVIC).

OVIC delivers curriculum-aligned reference content, including more than 10,000 topic overviews and 13,000+ pro/con viewpoints as well videos, podcasts, maps, and expert-chosen full-text articles. OVIC’s comprehensiveness and ease of use are good matches for Tyler’s busy schedule. Tyler appreciates that OVIC’s search features streamline his efforts.

In addition to supporting Tyler in his coursework, OVIC’s informed and diverse viewpoints engage him in thinking critically. He notes: “Just reading the abstracts of the first results sparks analysis of how various authors view the issue, encourages you to draw your own conclusions, and gets you thinking about how to integrate different perspectives into a cohesive paper.”

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Busy Student Overcomes Academic Challenges with Technology

Darryl Nguyen, a freshman at Northern Arizona University, aspires to work in Hospitality as a hotel manager. However, a busy schedule that includes a job in the campus cafeteria was cutting into his study time and complicating matters.
Despite enrolling in a Computer Information Systems course, Darryl initially doubted the classroom technology would lighten his load. But after using Cengage Learning’s SAM Assessment/Training/Projects solution, a cloud-based digital learning platform, Nguyen was convinced.
In this success story, you’ll learn how SAM helped Darryl think more critically, collaborate with fellow students, become more motivated to study, and overcome academic challenges such as procrastination.

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Skills Assessment Manager Helps First Generation College Student Confronted with Challenges and Technology

Matthew Kisiel, a freshman at Northern Arizona University, is the first in his family to attend college. Despite being a Computer Information Systems major and tech savvy, Kisiel was a bit suspect of the technology that greeted him on campus.

Though he was initially uncertain about Skills Assessment Manager (SAM), Kisiel says that the platform has improved his critical thinking skills, test preparation, and overall academic performance. Kisiel also credits SAM’s “learn at your own pace” features with helping him grow personally and become more independent.

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Enhanced WebAssign Helps Intimidated Student Get Excited about Math

A few years ago, Columbus State University graduate Danielle Washington wouldn’t have said that she liked math. In fact, she’d have said just the opposite. But thanks to a positive experience at the Georgia institution, made possible by a relevant course, a dedicated instructor, and a full-featured online learning tool — Enhanced WebAssign (EWA) — Danielle made a 180-degree turn in her attitude.

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Enhanced WebAssign Alleviates Math Phobia in Returning Student

Amanda Whitworth is a full-time student and part-time history tutor at Columbus State University in Georgia. Having been out of school for seventeen years before returning to college, Amanda was particularly anxious about taking mathematics.

Although the Mathematical Modeling course had an instructor who presented concepts and offered guidance, all homework, review materials, and tests were in Enhanced WebAssign. The online resource immediately alleviated Amanda’s anxiety. EWA was particularly helpful because she could go back, review, and do problems as many times as she wanted. What’s more, many of the Enhanced WebAssign problems were word problems, which Amanda says fostered development of critical thinking and helped her see how math can be used and applied every day.

In addition to overcoming her anxiety, Amanda received a grade that helped her GPA. What’s more: over a year later, she took an Economics course, and realized that she had retained the skills she’d learned in that previous mathematics course.

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Enhanced WebAssign® Helps Skilled Paramedic “Ace” Math

Samantha Golovner, a part-time student at Cleveland Community College in North Carolina, works full-time, putting in 24-hour shifts as a paramedic, and fits in school, studying, fitness, and a social life on the other days of the week. Most of her classes are online, which makes her life a bit easier because she can attend to her coursework whenever her schedule allows. Samantha is pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Nursing, and plans to get a Bachelor’s degree in the medical field on the way to a career as a nurse or physician’s assistant. As an experienced paramedic, she Read More…