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Shearwater International: EdTech Supports Student Success

Earlier in October, Cengage Learning partnered with LearnLaunch to host a higher education “pitch competition” in our Boston offices. The competition showcased many innovative edtech startups in Boston. We spoke with one of the winners, Jackson Boyar of Shearwater International, to learn a bit more about his perspective on the current state of education and technology.

In your opinion, what’s the most pressing challenge or problem in education today? Why does this issue have personal relevance to you?

Frankly, I think equal access to education is the most pressing challenge we face; however, the issue I am working to solve—and the one Read More…

Cengage Learning Executive News in Higher Ed: Issue 1

Looking for a way to simplify business processes, support online course development, and increase retention rates?

That’s what we’ve heard from you! In a recent Cengage Learning Survey, administrators from across the country told us how we can partner with institutions to tackle current challenges.

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Bolster Student Success in Your College Orientation Program with MindTap

How do you motivate the students in the courses that are part of your College Orientation program? When MindTap counts for at least 20% of their grade, students are engaging in course material more and performing better.
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Are College Students Self-Reliant or Dependent on Instructors?

Time away from home allows college students to discover new-found independence. Students are now responsible for going to class, managing their schedules, and finding help where they need it. So when it comes to studying, are they more self-reliant or do they depend highly on their instructors? We recently surveyed hundreds of instructors and thousands of college students to get their stance on the matter. When asked if students look to their instructors for study help, both 77% of instructors and 77% of students said college students look to the instructor for study help. However, some instructors may not know that most college students actually value doing the work independently. When asked if Read More…

Self Tests: A Key to College Success

Whether they’re ten-question pop quizzes or hours-long final exams, tests weigh heavily on the minds of college students. And, though students may take part in cram sessions and all-nighters that take place on the eve of their exams, they may often find themselves wondering: Is there a more effective (and less stressful) way for me to study for these tests? The answer is yes! Research [such as that discussed in “The Testing Effect: Illustrating a Fundamental Concept and Changing Study Strategies,” an article by G.O. Einstein, H.G. Mullet, and T.L. Harrison (2012)] shows that self tests can help students retain the information they’re learning in their courses. In Read More…

Five Secrets of Successful College Students

As college students settle in for the new school year, they make it a top priority to start off their semester on a strong note.

Below, we’ve shared some not-so-secret “secrets” of successful college students. Pass them along to the learners in your own courses!

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The Not-So-Powerful PowerPoint®: Students Weigh the “Best” Classes Against the “Worst”

The Today’s Student project by Cengage Learning is based on original research that springs from our company’s commitment to gaining insights directly from students. We surveyed and interviewed 5,000 students—traditional and non-traditional, from four-year and two-year colleges—for their impressions of success, career prospects, technology, courses, and obstacles to achieving academic goals.

In this report, Cengage Learning explores how students define their “best” and “worst” classes and uncovers the criteria that influenced this ranking. Student comments largely spoke to the importance of active learning—using technology to complement instructor interaction.

» Download the whitepaper: “The Not-So-Powerful PowerPoint®: Students Weigh the ‘Best’ Classes against the ‘Worst’”

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Three Top Study Strategies from Dr. Christine Harrington

The start of a new school year presents a door of opportunity to college students. If they’re hoping to improve their grades—or, if they’re facing increasingly challenging courses—they may be on the lookout for effective study skills that will help them retain what they’re learning, earn good grades, and feel confident in their ability to achieve their academic goals. In this video from the online resources for Student Success in College: Doing What Works!, Second Edition, author Dr. Christine Harrington mentions three successful study strategies: retrieval practice; organizing techniques; and group study. Learn why she recommends these Read More…

College Students’ Barriers to Effective Time Management

As students get ready to head back to college, they’re excited by what’s ahead—after all, the start of a new school year signals that they’ll be learning new ideas, meeting new people, and coming one step closer to the achievement of their academic goals. But once classes start, and once they start making note of all the due dates and deadlines for their coursework, they may become more and more concerned about how they’ll get all their schoolwork (along with their other responsibilities) done. In our Spring 2015 Student Engagement Insights survey, we asked college students: “Do you struggle with managing your Read More…

College Confidence: A Checklist for Student Success

As you prepare for students to arrive in your (physical or virtual) classroom, you’re thinking about all the things that you can do to create an engaging and successful classroom experience. Of course, students also play an important role in creating a classroom environment that benefits them as individuals, as well as their fellow classmates. In light of this, you may wish to reinforce the attitudes, behaviors, and habits that contribute to a classroom environment that sparks engagement, promotes learning, and fosters academic success.

In Practicing College Learning Strategies, Seventh Edition, Carolyn H. Hopper provides a checklist of habits that students should adopt for success in the college classroom. She encourages students to review the list, noting which habits they already follow and which they need to put into practice.  Share this post with your students, and encourage them to evaluate their own behaviors in light of what’s presented below. By so doing, they’ll go a long way towards accomplishing their own learning goals (as well as yours).
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