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Students’ Goals After College Graduation

Whether students are enrolling in their first college courses, putting maximum effort into their upper-division coursework, or nearing the end of their educational paths, they’re keeping an eye on their goals. This focus—their reason for attending college in the first place—can spark their motivation even on the days they’re struggling with assignments or stressed by their responsibilities.

But what are those goals? And how does college help them achieve those goals? In our Spring 2015 Student Engagement Insights survey, we asked over 3,000 college students about their goals and how they think college will enable them to get where they want to go.

To begin, let’s look at college students’ responses to the question: What are your goals after college?

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Group Projects: Tips for Students, From Students

Whether college students take classes online or on campus, one thing’s just about inevitable: at some point in their academic careers, they’ll have to participate in at least one group project. Many students can be apprehensive about the experience; but, if they follow a few simple guidelines, they can improve the likelihood of success (and perhaps even learn to enjoy the process!).

During Phi Theta Kappa’s 2014 NerdNation convention, we asked students to share their college-success tips with fellow students.

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Study Groups and Support Systems: Tips from Students

Though personal drive, initiative, and self motivation are key to college success, students also experience great benefits when they connect with other students, form solid study groups, and engage in peer-to-peer learning experiences.

In these videos, filmed during Phi Theta Kappa‘s 2014 NerdNation convention, students describe how study groups benefit their college experience. They list the traits of people they’d want to include (or wouldn’t want to include) in their study groups. They also discuss the value of developing a support system and connecting with fellow students on campus.

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The Classroom Experience: What is Essential to Students?

What do students expect when they enter their college classrooms (on campus or online)? What piques their interest, boosts their confidence, and helps them feel engaged in the learning process?

At Phi Theta Kappa‘s 2014 NerdNation convention, we talked with numerous students about their college experience. Among these questions, we asked: What do you think is an essential part of the classroom experience? 

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Students Reveal the Key to Being Successful in College

What’s the key to being successful in college? What attitudes, traits, and behaviors help students perform at the peak of their academic abilities?

At Phi Theta Kappa‘s 2014 NerdNation convention, we talked with numerous attendees about their lives as college students. In the following videos, some of these students share their keys to college success. From avoiding procrastination to following your passion, and from sharpening your study skills to seeking help from others, these students’ answers can provide other students with the encouragement they need to achieve their own success.

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MindTap for Economics at the University of Houston

Recently, Cengage Learning showed MindTap for Economics to a group of students completing Leonie Karkoviata, PhD’s Economics class at the University of Houston–Downtown.

Following the focus group, seventy-six of the students completed an online survey to provide feedback regarding what they saw. In the flyer linked below, you can read what they had to say about:

  • Their overall response to MindTap, and the likelihood that they would recommend it to their professor
  • Their perception of the value of MindTap’s Adaptive Test Prep
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Five Benefits of Attending a Community College

In recent weeks, we’ve been sharing several posts that highlight student perspectives on community college. Today, we’re taking a look at what instructors have to say about the benefits of the community college experience.

In our recent Instructor Engagement Insights survey, we asked: “What are the benefits to students of attending a community college?” Instructors provided a wide range of answers, but five key themes emerged; we’ve summarized them below. If you’re an instructor, you may be interested in seeing what your peers have to say; if you know someone who’s still thinking through their college options, these insights may help them think through their decision.

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How to Find a Great Mentor: Tips and Strategies

As your students begin to develop their career plans, make their first steps into the career world, or seek to transition into a new field, they’re likely in need of guidance that get them off on the right foot.

At this point in their lives, your students may want to work with a great mentor, who can show them the ropes and offer road-tested advice that helps them navigate the process successfully.

But how do you find a great mentor? It’s a process that takes time, but reaps worthwhile benefits. In their book The Ultimate Job Hunter’s Guidebook, Seventh Edition, authors Susan D. Greene and Melanie C.L. Martel provide several important points that will make the search process more fruitful. We’ve summarized them below. Share them with your students… or use them as you seek a mentor for yourself!

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Hand Grading and Paperwork Become Overwhelming, Until SAM Lightens the Load

Sandy Keeter has been teaching at Seminole State College since 1994, but has been a computer “trainer” since the early 80s. At Seminole, she teaches a variety of classes in Microsoft® Office, both on-campus and online, including Introduction to Office Applications, which is offered as an online or hybrid course. As a former Air Force officer, Keeter previously worked with IBM on a project to “modernize” DOD computer systems, and she also taught Air Force ROTC students at the University of Florida. Not too many years ago, Keeter and her colleagues in Information Technology at Seminole were struggling with Read More…

Ohio University Student Event Summary

For many students, securing an internship and preparing for job interviews can be overwhelming. To help students successfully navigate these crucial steps, Cengage Learning came to the Ohio University campus this past December, to provide Ohio University students with resources and tools to help best prepare for today’s job market.

Recognizing the need for more student-to-student conversations around using digital solutions and garnering real-world experiences while in college, the Cengage Learning Sales & Marketing teams partnered together to offer students a different kind of study break.

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