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6 Ways to Help College Students Prepare for Final Exams

College instructors play a significant role in preparing their students for final exams. For example, before finals week, teachers can conduct a review session, go over questions from the midterm exam, and set up a study room. Read on to learn what review strategies might work best for your students.

Conduct a review session

A review class before the final exam is a good time to make sure students are on track and concentrating on the right material. Let the students know what is important information they should retain from this course. You could go over pertinent presentations and can also Read More…

Tips For Students: How to Take Good Notes for Studying

Taking good notes throughout the semester may mean the difference between simple study sessions or decoding sessions later on. Your time is too valuable for you to just sit in class, day after day, only going through the motions of taking notes.

Only writing down what’s on the board won’t cut it. Scribbling incoherently won’t help you either. Try these tips for taking neat class notes that will be of use to you later on for studying and review. Read More…

Tips for Students: Arrive Prepared to Study with a Tutor

Tutoring is highly advantageous before exams as well as throughout the school year. Yet, some hesitant students may be unsure how to utilize the service or even where to begin. Help your students prepare for finals by sharing these tips on how to study with a tutor.

Start now

It’s best to make an appointment when you first detect signs of struggling in a course. Or, if you’re just trying to get a leg up on finals, now is the time to start visiting a tutor. Visit your school website, your advisor, or your major’s department to learn what resources might be available.


Read More…

College Study Habits: Note Sharing in the Classroom

We recently surveyed thousands of college students to learn more about their experiences in note sharing in their classes. We asked our community of college students: “How often do you share notes with classmates?” Seventeen percent told us they share notes frequently, 58% share notes occasionally, and 25% never share or exchange notes. Seventy-five percent of college students share notes with their classmates. The question then becomes — how do you shape the exchanges they will share into something that is both productive and educational?

Intro to note sharing

In his text, The Essential Guide to Becoming a Master Student, 4th Edition, author Read More…

College Students on Seeking Tutors and Study Help

With the variety of campus resources available to college students, it may be frustrating to see students who struggle but do not seek study help. We recently surveyed thousands of college students about their classroom habits. Students were asked, “How often do you seek out tutors or additional help for your classes?”

Study help

Our respondents revealed that 36% of college students NEVER seek out tutors or additional help for their classes. Additionally, 51% of college students occasionally seek out tutors or additional help, while 13% frequently do. Some lucky students may find that they can do well in their courses by simply attending Read More…