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Cengage Unlimited Gives You Access to Materials for Your Courses—and Your Future Career

Have you ever sat around in class wondering, “What am I doing here? How is this relevant to my future? Can I afford this?” I know I have.  When it comes to the real world, what do you truly need to know to succeed? Don’t you worry, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re also one of those students who avoids buying textbooks because they cost so much—and you think you can get by without them—Cengage Unlimited might just change your mind. Because as a Cengage Unlimited subscriber, a student can access so much more than Read More…

Podcast: Tips to Help Students Be More Effective Learners

According to Dr. Jeff Nevid, Professor of Psychology at St. John’s University in New York, academic success often comes down to how well you studied, not how long you studied. When students fall short of their academic goals they often develop self-defeating beliefs. These beliefs sap a student’s motivation and become a self-fulfilling prophecy because students have not learned to read and study effectively.

Power Effective Learners

Dr. Nevid described several strategies that will get students engaged with the material so that it will integrate into their memory where it can be retrieved at will. His ideas are based on the four Read More…

How to Build Student Engagement in Study Sessions

Studying is essential for college students to remember facts, understand material, and get the most out of their education, yet there aren’t courses in studying. Fortunately, there are ways you can help if students are exhibiting poor study skills. Within lesson plans, before or after class and in office visits, teachers can encourage student engagement in study sessions. If you’re considering creating a new study session for students in your class, here are some classroom ideas to develop essential study skills and strategies on how to study for a test.

Importance of study sessions

Students may be stressing over their preparedness for Read More…

Three Reasons Why Students May Not Complete Reading Assignments

As you prepare your course each term, you take the time to thoughtfully plan out your class reading list and add the titles to your syllabus. Each reading is selected with an eye towards adding to students’ understanding of the course topics and laying the foundation for their knowledge of your discipline or field. Though many students may pick up those works from a sheer love of reading (or because they are motivated to complete all that’s assigned), some may choose to skip the reading if they don’t see how it directly connects to their success in the course—or, they Read More…

College Success Advice from Students

Do you know how your students manage the pressures and responsibilities of their college courses? In a recent survey of thousands of college students, we asked students, “After completing assigned coursework, what else do you do to ensure college success?”

#1 Review lecture notes

Most college students appear to appreciate the value of taking good notes during class lectures. In fact, 83% of our college respondents told us they review their lecture notes from class sessions to ensure success in their classes. Author Ginny Gaylor explains in her article, “How to pay attention in class—tips for college students” on the Read More…

Essential Note-Taking Skills, As Defined by College Students

A thorough, thoughtfully organized set of lecture notes can be one of students’ best study tools! However, many students find it difficult to create the type of notes that will prove the most effective for them come study time. They may not write enough down—or, they may be attempting to write so much down that they inadvertently miss important points that you, the instructor, are making.

In our Fall 2015 Student Engagement Insights survey, we asked college students: “What are the qualities of a good note-taker?” Among their answers, we noted many themes. Review what they had to say below, and share their advice with your students!

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Answering Test Questions: Three Essential Strategies

As the term comes nearer and nearer to its completion, students become more and more concerned about final exams.

Of course, if students want to successfully complete their final exams, they must invest ample time in preparing and studying for them. However, the manner in which they take those exams can also have a bearing on their performance during the examination period.

Below, we’ve shared three student success strategies for completing exams with confidence and competence, as summarized from Linda Wong’s Essential Study Skills, Eighth Edition. Share them with your students before you administer your final exam.

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Hints to Help Your Students Prepare for Final Exams

Although the close of the term may still be a few weeks away, it’s not too early for students to begin considering how they might prepare for final exams. By getting a head start on planning out their study strategies, students can avoid much of the last-minute pressure they feel when they put off studying until the last minute… and, as a result, they can enter into final-exam time with greater confidence.

Eight things students should know before studying for their final exams

The following questions, based on material in Practicing College Learning Strategies, Seventh Edition by Carolyn H. Hopper, can help students develop their approach to preparing Read More…

College Study Habits: Note Sharing in the Classroom

We recently surveyed thousands of college students to learn more about their experiences in note sharing in their classes. We asked our community of college students: “How often do you share notes with classmates?” Seventeen percent told us they share notes frequently, 58% share notes occasionally, and 25% never share or exchange notes. Seventy-five percent of college students share notes with their classmates. The question then becomes — how do you shape the exchanges they will share into something that is both productive and educational?

Intro to note sharing

In his text, The Essential Guide to Becoming a Master Student, 4th Edition, author Read More…

Are College Students Self-Reliant or Dependent on Instructors?

Time away from home allows college students to discover new-found independence. Students are now responsible for going to class, managing their schedules, and finding help where they need it. So when it comes to studying, are they more self-reliant or do they depend highly on their instructors? We recently surveyed hundreds of instructors and thousands of college students to get their stance on the matter. When asked if students look to their instructors for study help, both 77% of instructors and 77% of students said college students look to the instructor for study help. However, some instructors may not know that most college students actually value doing the work independently. When asked if Read More…