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Self Tests: A Key to College Success

Whether they’re ten-question pop quizzes or hours-long final exams, tests weigh heavily on the minds of college students. And, though students may take part in cram sessions and all-nighters that take place on the eve of their exams, they may often find themselves wondering: Is there a more effective (and less stressful) way for me to study for these tests? The answer is yes! Research [such as that discussed in “The Testing Effect: Illustrating a Fundamental Concept and Changing Study Strategies,” an article by G.O. Einstein, H.G. Mullet, and T.L. Harrison (2012)] shows that self tests can help students retain the information they’re learning in their courses. In Read More…

Five Secrets of Successful College Students

As college students settle in for the new school year, they make it a top priority to start off their semester on a strong note.

Below, we’ve shared some not-so-secret “secrets” of successful college students. Pass them along to the learners in your own courses!

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