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Tips for College Students: Academic Advancement Opportunities

Students with no time to lose know that summer can provide the perfect time for academic advancement. College students can take advantage of summer break by enrolling in educational activities such as summer classes, summer internships, travel abroad programs, online classes, or volunteer work.

Finish your degree sooner

One option during the summer is to continue your college education by taking summer courses that count toward attaining your degree. As a typical bachelor’s degree is completed in four years and on rare occasions, five years, Jane S. Halonen explains in her book Your Guide to College Success: Strategies for Read More…

Summer Reading List: New and Classic Books for the 4th of July

Summer reading may be a staple of elementary and high school education, but there’s no reason adults can’t have fun with summer reading, too. Many town or community libraries offer adult summer reading programs, and while some college students may have no desire to do extra work on their break, many would be glad to have recommendations from their professors on books to read over the summer. Even better, many patriotic or fun classic books are available for free through Questia. If you’re looking to inspire your college students with some 4th of July themed patriotic reads or are just Read More…

How to Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

When the hot weather arrives in full force, it’s easy to feel wiped out, as if any activity is completely miserable. But July and August are the times to make the most of your summer vacation! Try these tips for staying cool and feeling good, no matter how high the temperatures climb.

Hot weather hints

Hot weather often changes the way we eat — craving cooler, lighter food when it’s swelteringly hot. Fortunately, opting for certain foods can actually help you stay cool in the summer heat. Load up on salads and seasonal fruits and vegetables during the summer. More fresh produce means less cooking with Read More…

Tips for Students: Get More Out of Your Summer Break

College students routinely attempt to cram as much fun into each summer as possible, often at the expense of keeping their minds sharp. “Summer slide,” refers to a concept outlined in a recently released survey from the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA), which confirms that many teachers spend a significant amount of time re-teaching material due to summer learning loss. But is it possible to prevent this from happening while still enjoying a fun-filled summer? Share these tips with your students for summer fun that will also keep them thinking.

Join a book club

Remember the fun of reading for pleasure? Summer is the Read More…

Tips for Students: How to Survive Summer School

Taking additional classes over the summer when others are on vacation is no walk in the park–even for those eager to get ahead. And distractions during the summer months seem to multiply as every week passes.

Share these helpful hints with your students for planning out and thriving during their summer semester. Read More…