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Choosing a Digital Solution that Suits Your Needs

How can you make a positive impact when it comes to choosing digital solutions that best suit the needs of you and your students? The process for selecting course materials for the classroom varies widely by institution. In Cengage Learning’s recent “Digital in the Classroom” study surveying over 1,000 college students and faculty of all different institution types, we discovered that 33% of instructors are free to choose their own materials. Another 42% are on committees tasked with choosing what to adopt, and 15% choose materials for the entire department.

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Benefits of Using Technology in the Classroom

Whether you’re just starting to use technology in the classroom or you’re well versed in the tools and terminology of edtech, you may be curious how other instructors are using technology in their classrooms. You may also want to know how they would describe the benefits of technology in their courses.

In a study conducted by Cengage Learning, 74% percent of instructors report that the move towards implementing digital technologies in the classroom has increased students’ academic performance, and 73% say it has improved students’ engagement with their courses. Less than 1% reported it has decreased performance or engagement significantly.

College students report similar educational benefits of using technology in the classroom:

  • 80% say the move towards implementing digital technologies in the classroom has subsequently increased their academic performance.
  • 77% say it has improved their engagement with their courses.

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How Instructors Incorporate Digital Content into Their Courses

Practices at every college, department, and classroom likely vary from those trending at a national level. Whether you are required by your university to use a certain type of digital content in your classroom or you get to choose for yourself, there are often many unique ways to customize this content to make it work perfectly for your course. Whichever your circumstance, staying “in the know” about what’s trending with peers can help keep classrooms from falling behind in both engagement and outcomes. Cengage Learning’s recent “Digital in the Classroom” surveyed over 1,000 college students and faculty of all different institution types. After first asking students what they found to be the most effective digital content types, we then asked instructors to share with us their most-used digital content types.  Read More…

Selecting Digital Course Materials: What Faculty are Saying

What factors come into play when you and your colleagues are selecting course materials?

Certainly, the content itself, and how well it aligns with your course’s learning objectives, are important criteria.

You likely also consider how well the structure of the solution helps you accomplish your course goals: be they increasing student engagement, improving outcomes, increasing student retention… or, perhaps a combination of these three factors, alongside others. Read More…

Course Content that Engages Your Students

Is student engagement a top priority in your classroom? If you’re like many instructors, your answer will be a resounding “Yes!”

Many factors play a role in student engagement, including the course content you choose. Given students’ high interest in technology and tech tools, many instructors are turning to digital learning solutions, and overall, they’re seeing a great deal of success. Of the instructors surveyed in Cengage Learning’s recent “Digital in the Classroom” survey:

  • 74% report that the move towards implementing digital technologies in the classroom has increased students’ academic performance, and
  • 73% say it has improved students’ engagement with their courses.

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iLrn: Leveraging Technology to Meet the Needs of Today’s Language Learners and Educators

Cengage Learning wanted to better understand the needs of introductory-level language educators who use an online learning platform. Our Market Research team attended the 2013 American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), in Orlando, Florida. During the meeting we interviewed thirty-two instructors to learn how they are teaching their courses now, and what resources and services they want to see from publishers. This white paper provides an overview of the results and describes how iLrn helps create a learning experience that is useful, relevant, and engaging to instructors and students alike.

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Transforming the Learning Process Through Engagement-Centered Technology

Decades worth of research show the correlation between learner engagement and the best educational outcomes. This white paper reviews studies that show the positive impact of Cengage Learning resources on engagement and improved student performance.
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What Students Say they Need in Order to Become More Engaged in Class

With the many benefits to technology in the classroom, some instructors may still question how to go about using these advancements to increase student engagement. Whatever your choice, it’s clear that students benefit from digital technology in the classroom. In a recent survey by Cengage Learning of over one thousand students and instructors, 80% of college students say that the move towards implementing digital technologies in the classroom has increased their academic performance and 77% even say it has improved their engagement with their courses. Fewer than 1% reported it has decreased performance and engagement. Read More…

The Top Reasons Students Become Disengaged in Classes

If you were to guess what students believe leads to disengagement and distraction in the classroom, what would you say? Texting? Surfing the web? Games? Or that old standby, “boredom”?

When it comes to distraction in the classroom, many instructors and students place the blame on smartphones and other tech tools as the main culprit. (In fact, according to a recent survey by Cengage Learning, 77% of students believe that their fellow classmates abuse technology in the classroom in some way.)

But what if, instead, you used technology as an effective means of engaging students and drawing them into the topics you’re covering in class? Read More…

Insight into the Online Learning Landscape

Certainly, many instructors teach online courses. (You may be among their number!) Some teach a fully online course while also continuing to lead classes on campus. Others may teach a hybrid course, with some portions taking part in a classroom or lab, and other aspects facilitated online. But have you wondered how many instructors teach exclusively in the online setting? According to a survey recently conducted by Cengage Learning, 14% of participants now teach their courses entirely online. Does this finding surprise you? Does this seem like a reality at your campus, within your college system, or among your peers? Are Read More…