MindTap at the Rochester Institute of Technology

Cengage Learning’s MindTap is the digital learning solution that helps instructors transform today’s students into critical thinkers. In this video, you’ll see how MindTap is helping the students at the Rochester Institute of Technology. You’ll also learn how instructors at RIT can use MindTap to personalize learning for all students who share similar challenges with time management and course material.



Reflections from Davos: Transforming Education in the New Global Context

As this week comes to a close, I am very much refreshed and recharged after spending several days among the world’s leaders in business, economics, education and government at the 45th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. This year’s meeting was focused on political, economic, social and, above all, technological transformations resulting in an entirely “new global context” for decision-making. For me, this theme hit close to home as the education industry is undergoing an overall shift in culture and technology. Similarly, Cengage Learning is amidst a cultural transformation of its own to Read More…

Case Studies, Technology, and Pedagogy: Delivering Cases Through Multiple Platforms

The Case method is a powerful student-centered teaching tool that brings real-life situations into the classroom. This paper describes variations and insights that emerge from the experiences in teaching cases using diverse online and in-class available technologies. Cases can impart pedagogic outcomes such as critical thinking, communication, and interpersonal skills in addition to depth and multidisciplinary breadth of content. The case method serves to bridge the gap between theory and practice, and impart pedagogic outcomes such as critical thinking, communication, and interpersonal skills in addition to depth and multidisciplinary breadth of content.

Given the ubiquitous nature of technology supporting pedagogy, this article highlights how technology may be applied to the case study method. Different teaching approaches (hybrid and fully online approach) facilitated by technology supports a range of learning environments with additional advantages from group interaction and synchronous presentation tools. It is also relevant that the use of modern technology will give tomorrow’s leaders the advantage of having learned in the same environment in which they will work.

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Top Study Tools and Methods Your Students are Using

With finals time right around the corner for many college students, it becomes even more important to learn what study tools and methods work best for each student. Cengage Learning recently surveyed over 3,000 college students to see what types of study tools and methods they use and what works best for them. Find out what strategies college students around the country find most beneficial. Read More…

Seven Reasons Students Use Smartphones in Class

In a recent post at the Engaging Minds blog, we discussed the ways that smartphone use in class can either distract students from learning, or serve as a learning tool. There, we revealed that 77% of students bring a smartphone to class, and 63% of the students said that they weren’t a distraction. On the other hand, 72% of instructors said that they do distract students from the learning process.

This discovery led us to wonder: Just what are students doing with their smartphones in class? For this reason, we reached back out to students who use and asked them: What are you typically doing when you’re using your phone in class? Over 3,100 students responded, and we’ve shared the results below. You may or may not be altogether surprised by the findings… but, knowing this information can help you address the types of issues that might arise in your classroom as a result.
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College Students Share Their Classroom EdTech Wish List

Are your students satisfied with the EdTech being used in your classroom? Cengage Learning recently surveyed college students to see if they would enjoy using their mobile devices more as learning tools and what types of tools and apps would work best. Thousands of students responded; we’ve shared the findings below. Find out what technology college students ask their instructors for most frequently.

We asked students “What kinds of tools or apps would work for learning on mobile (phone, tablet, laptop) in your class?” Students had a lot of great ideas! We’ve outlined a few of the most frequent responses below. Read More…

Smartphones in Class: Learning Tool or Distraction?

Walk around a college campus, and you’ll see students chatting, laughing… and plugged into their smartphones. Clearly, students enjoy engaging with these interactive, trendy tech tools. You know smartphones are popular. But have you been wondering what kind of effect they have in the classroom? Cengage Learning wanted to find out as well, so we asked students and instructors about their experiences seeing, and using, smartphones in class. Thousands of students and instructors responded; we’ve shared the findings below.

Smartphones: a common sight in today’s classrooms

Seeing a large number of students pull out their smartphones as they settle into class? You aren’t Read More…

Seven Reasons the Flipped Classroom Matters

Guest Contributors: Marc Alan Sperber, MS and Craig Dane Roberts, PhD, both of Duke University. Evidence supports that active learning environments help to improve student’s grades and reduce the number of failing students. Further evidence supports that certain flipped classroom models can enable students to reach the highest levels of learning as they actively and collaboratively focus on solving complex real-world problems during class sessions. Marc Sperber and Craig Roberts work with faculty at Duke University and beyond to help them employ an approach to the flipped classroom that provides instructors with a framework for achieving the Seven Principles Read More…

EDUCAUSE 2014: Our Top Five Hot Topics to Watch

As EDUCAUSE 2014 approaches, our excitement grows ever stronger. The atmosphere always energizes us, and gets us even more enthusiastic about the ways we can work together to transform the learning experience for today’s students. Before we pack our bags, we’ve been scanning the schedule, and we’ve noted some of our “topics to watch” at the conference. We’ve shared them below. What topics are you going to follow and engage with at EDUCAUSE 2014? Let us know in the comments!

Hot Topics in IT and Education—Covered at EDUCAUSE 2014

Learning Management Systems. No surprise—but Learning Management Systems will continue to Read More…

EdTech Roundup: Smart Watches; Laptops in Class; LMS Trends

Want some tips for implementing edtech in your classroom? Today, we’re discussing how the Apple Watch, tablets, and LMS best practices could help your students get even more out their classroom experience.

Apple® Updates Your Students

Communities around the globe tuned in to learn about Apple’s recent updates to the iPhone. Whether you feel the latest technology will impact you or not, might it begin to impact the lives of your students, or even their education? Along with making the phone slightly larger in size, making it better for videos and research, Apple also released the Apple Watch™. While this may seem Read More…