Improving Learning Outcomes Through Data-Driven Decisions

Cengage Learning understands that an engaged learner is a successful one, and we are leading the transition to digital with a unique faculty and student perspective to transform learning through engagement. This transformation is largely driven by data that informs us about the ways that students and instructors are making use of—and achieving better outcomes through—our digital learning solutions. In this video, taken during this year’s EDUCAUSE conference, Cengage Learning’s Chief Technology Officer George Moore discusses how our organization uses data as we transition to becoming a more digitally focused company. He highlights the ways that our data-driven view of how Read More…

Creating an Active Learning Environment with Tech Tools

Students like using technology in the classroom… but does its absence have an impact on engagement and success?

Through our recent “Today’s Student” project (conducted with the Work Institute), we asked students to share and explain how they define their “best” and “worst” classes. The findings are summarized in our recent white paper, The Not-So-Powerful PowerPoint®: Students Weigh the “Best” Classes against the “Worst.”

Among “worst” classes, students were largely disengaged with technology, with “Don’t Know/Not Applicable” characterizing the majority of responses.

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Thought Leadership Recap: Accessibility & Content Delivery

How can institutions deliver quality and accessible online education at scale? Dr. Kristina Mitchell details her strategies from Texas Tech University in the Thought Leadership Forum: Revolutionizing Accessibility and Content Delivery.
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APPlause for APPS! Five Great Apps to Create Meaningful Connections Inside (and Outside) the Classroom

I love technology! I guess if I’m being completely honest, what I really love is the engagement, excitement, and interactivity that technology brings to my college classroom. I’m not talking about the bells and whistles (although that’s fun too), but the true engagement that happens when I utilize a technology that really resonates with my digitally native students, that connects them to each other, and (most importantly) helps them master course content. So, whether you are new to using technology in the classroom or an old technology-pro, here are five of my favorite apps and technologies to engage students Read More…

Podcast: APPlause for APPS: How to Use Apps in the Classroom to Create Meaningful Connections and Engage Students!

Many instructors are interested in using technology to spark student engagement, build collaboration, and increase a sense of connection and community in their courses.

Are you among these instructors? If so, you’ll be interested in the inspiring ideas shared in this podcast. Shawn Orr, Digital Educator at Cengage Learning and adjunct instructor at Adrian College (Adrian, Michigan), discusses how she uses technology in her class to create meaningful connections.

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The Power of Tech Resources in College Classes

Many of the students in your classes are fully accustomed to using tech tools in their everyday lives. In fact, these tools are part of their daily routines: they check social media to keep up with friends and family, communicate with text messages and video chats, monitor their physical activity with a digital fitness tracker, and keep track of their activities using a calendar that’s synced with their laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Given the ubiquity of technology in our lives today, it’s fairly natural that students would want, and expect, to find that experience within their college courses. So to what extent might the use of technology impact students’ perception of a successful (or less-than-successful) course?

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Teaching Online Introductory Accounting Course For The First Time: What to Expect

With colleges and universities offering more courses online, professors may have to teach courses online for the first time. This paper serves to address the expectations of teaching a course online for the first time, and offers recommendations for new starters of online courses.

The research was based on the introductory accounting courses I taught in summer semester 2014. A survey was given to the students to address their course expectations and results. I also examined the grade distribution and withdrawal rates between the two different course delivery methods (online and on-campus).
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Google Tools Now Integrated into More Gale Products

Gale is constantly looking for new ways to enhance users’ experience and meet them wherever they begin their research. To this end, Gale recently expanded the integration of Google Apps for Education™ (such as Gmail™, Google Classroom™, Google Drive™, and Google Docs™) into many of its most popular solutions for academic, public, and school libraries. Currently, Gale products with integrated Google Apps for Education include: Research in Context and other In Context resources; InfoTrac; GVRL; Contemporary Authors Online; LitFinder; the MLA International Bibliography; Book Review Index Plus; and the Literature Resource Center. The integration will be added to Kids InfoBits this winter. The integration Read More…

Elements of the “Best College Class,” According to Students

What are the elements of the “best college class”? Surely, each student might give a different answer to that question, depending on their own preferences, as well as their chosen fields of study. But, more than likely, you could observe some trends in their answers.

Through our recent “Today’s Student” project (conducted with the Work Institute), we set out to learn more about students’ college experiences, exploring how they define their “best” and “worst” classes. Indeed, we did notice some commonalities among their responses. In the white paper “The Not-So-Powerful PowerPoint®: Students Weigh the ‘Best’ Classes against the ‘Worst,'” we share the findings.

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Shearwater International: EdTech Supports Student Success

Earlier in October, Cengage Learning partnered with LearnLaunch to host a higher education “pitch competition” in our Boston offices. The competition showcased many innovative edtech startups in Boston. We spoke with one of the winners, Jackson Boyar of Shearwater International, to learn a bit more about his perspective on the current state of education and technology.

In your opinion, what’s the most pressing challenge or problem in education today? Why does this issue have personal relevance to you?

Frankly, I think equal access to education is the most pressing challenge we face; however, the issue I am working to solve—and the one Read More…