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Effects of College Life on Students’ Time-Management Skills

College students quickly come to realize that all that college requires of them, including papers, assignments, readings, and lab work—not to mention the family, job, and social responsibilities they must continue to uphold—make it especially important to plan and use their time well. If they were good students in high school, they’ll surely find that college offers new challenges that place new demands on each day; or, if they’ve been away from school for quite some time, they’ll know that adding college to their list of commitments will certainly change the way they balance and use their time.

In our Spring 2015 Student Engagement Insights survey, we asked college students a number of questions about their time-management habits. Nearly three thousand students responded.

In today’s post, we’ll focus on their thoughts regarding the differences between the time-management skills they used in high school, and those they use now that they’re in college.

Would most college students say that they’ve needed to pick up new time-management skills… or would most say their habits aren’t all that different? Let’s take a look at what they told us.

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Tips for Students: Advice from Instructors for Setting Priorities

Each new school year brings new opportunities to set yourself up for success. For college students, that often means getting their priorities established early on and sticking to them. We asked hundreds of college instructors what advice they have for students hoping to set their priorities more effectively. See what they had to say and share these tips with your students. Below are ten of the most frequently recurring suggestions from instructors: If a student came to you seeking advice about setting their priorities more effectively, what would you recommend?Create a schedule of work and study and learn how Read More…

Adult Learners: Mastering the Balancing Act of College Life

With all they’re balancing in life and in their education, adult learners (students who begin college at age 25 or above) have some added challenges that students attending college fresh out of high school may not. We recently surveyed thousands of adult learners to find out more about the types of responsibilities they’re balancing.

Balancing acts

Naturally, each balancing act is as unique as the individuals themselves. As expected, the vast majority of respondents are also balancing full or part-time work. Many are also balancing family life on top of school and work, some being single parents. In addition to this, we must all make Read More…

College Success Advice: Time Management

When you think about the attitudes and behaviors that lead to college success, which are among the first to spring to mind? If you’re like us, “time management skills” certainly appear near the top of the list.

During Phi Theta Kappa‘s 2014 NerdNation convention, we had conversations with numerous attendees and talked to them about the skills and strategies they use to achieve college success. When we asked “What do you think is key to being successful in college?,” we received many thoughtful answers, several of which centered around the importance of effective time management.

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Tips for Students: Prioritizing Time to Achieve Your Goals

The end of another semester, upcoming summer schedules, and planning for fall–this might sound like more than one student can manage all at once. But for those students motivated to have a beneficial summer and a successful fall semester, it’s vital to start getting all their ducks in a row soon. Share these tips with your college students for prioritizing their time to achieve their goals: Read More…

Do College Students Struggle with Time Management?

At the Engaging Minds blog, we frequently discuss the topic of time management, as it’s an important element of student success. But as much as we believe it’s important, we still wanted to know and understand the experience and perspective of college students themselves.

Accordingly, in the latest Student Engagement Insights survey, conducted this spring, we asked: Do you struggle with managing your time? We heard from 3,004 students. Here’s how they responded:

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How to Improve College Student Time Management Skills

Time management is not something most instructors spend time covering in their courses, and yet it is often cited as one of the biggest student obstacles. We asked hundreds of instructors and college students to reveal just how confident they are in student time management skills. Try these helpful hints for improving your students’ time management practices. You may just find some helpful hints to use yourself.

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Ten Principles of Successful Time Management in College

Time management in college can be challenging—yet it’s absolutely essential to students’ success. With all the assignments, responsibilities, and opportunities that come students’ ways, it’s vital that they learn how to create a thoughtfully planned and consistent schedule that  helps them manage their time, energy, and resources effectively.

Today, we continue our series on time management by sharing ten principles that will guide students as they flex their time-management muscles. (You may also find some helpful tips as well!) The principles, summarized from a section in Carolyn H. Hopper’s Practicing College Learning Strategies, Seventh Edition, will assist students in their efforts to successfully complete their work and fulfill their obligations.
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Effective Time Management: An Important Study Skill

Students lead busy lives: they have to balance their coursework, jobs, family and social responsibilities, internship or volunteer hours… and, of course, have some rest and relaxation! To experience academic success, it’s essential that they put effective time management skills, habits, and strategies into place. A weekly study schedule can be of great help in their efforts to make the best use of their time. To put an even finer point on things, students can create specific “time blocks” devoted to studying within their weekly schedules. In Essential Study Skills, Eighth Edition, author Linda Wong offers her “essential strategies Read More…

Three Ways to Avoid Time-Wasting Activities

It can happen to the best of us. We’ll be engaged in an important task, and suddenly feel the pull of a distraction. We’ll decide to check our email, browse the Web, or get settled into a compelling television show for just a few minutes.  Unfortunately, those “few minutes” can quickly (and almost unknowingly) become far more time than you initially intended to spend. Students are just as easily susceptible. They’ll have every intention of focusing on their homework, but they’ll decide to watch “just one more” funny video, or spend a couple more minutes on IM, or play a few more Read More…