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Icebreakers and Topic Starters

By: Shawn Orr, Director of the Center for Innovation and Teaching Excellence, Faculty in Communication Studies at Ashland University – Ohio Icebreakers often come with a dreaded connotation that implies frivolous activities done on the first day of class with limited benefits to student learning. Consider that one icebreaker—”introduce yourself and tell us one interesting thing about yourself”—that is used over and over while yielding little enthusiasm or class engagement. Yet, semester after semester, we pull that icebreaker out and use it again. Why? Because we want to start the semester off by fostering student connection and community. This Read More…

Understanding The College Student Experience Today

At Cengage Learning, in addition to our unwavering commitment to educators, we focus on the college student learning experience to determine first hand what it means to be a learner today.

In the video featured below, our CEO Michael Hansen discusses the vital importance of getting to know students personally to discover the many different segments of learners, each with unique goals, ideals, and skills.

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