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Tips for Students: How to Connect with Classmates

From study partners to new lunch friends, learning to connect with classmates has endless perks. Making connections in a new environment can make or break students’ success in the classroom, and even their overall contentment with their college experience. Share these tips with your students for making it happen.

In the classroom

Some students may struggle with reaching out and making connections more than others. However, making a connection with a classmate can be vital to your success in that course. Get to know a classmate or two in each of your classes so you have a contact for when you miss a Read More…

Tips for Students: Get and Stay Organized This Semester

“Be more organized.” “Don’t procrastinate.” Have you made any New School Semester resolutions? Staying organized from the get-go helps with so many areas in school, such as writing research papers and being well-prepared for exams.

Planners, calendars, folders—whatever it takes. Try these tips for getting and staying organized. Read More…

The Top Steps Students Take to Ensure College Success

At the beginning of the year—and at the beginning of a new term—it’s natural for students to start thinking about how they might maintain or improve their success in college.

To hone their college success skills, students might ask their peers what they’re doing to “raise the bar” academically. It’s also instructive for students to consider some steps they could take, but haven’t yet implemented.

In an effort to understand students’ study habits—and with a desire to share these insights with you and your students—we recently sent out the latest version of our Student Engagement Insights survey. Among the many questions posed in the survey, we asked: “Beyond completing assigned coursework (e.g. readings and homework), what steps do you take to ensure that you succeed in a class?” Nearly twenty thousand students responded. Below, we talk about their answers and outline some tips that can help your students adopt some of these strategies for success.

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​Tips for Students: Start the Semester off on the Right Foot

Although for many students, the beginning of spring semester is the middle of a school year, a brand new semester does bring new opportunities. From interactions with instructors to classmates, beginning on a positive note can make a world of difference for students. Share these helpful hints with your students to help them start the semester right.

Making new connections

According to author Julia T. Wood in her text, Communication in Our Lives, Seventh Edition, socializing helps us to build the much-needed communication skills that we use every day. “We spend a great deal of time communicating. We talk, listen, have dialogues with ourselves, Read More…

Tips for Students: How to De-stress Over Winter Break

Winter break provides a much-needed opportunity to unwind from the stress of finals. And after a long, challenging semester, students and instructors both deserve it! Share these de-stressing tips with your students before they head out for winter break or try them for yourself.

Yoga and other exercise

The beauty of yoga is that it can help your body and mind in many different ways. You can try a “yoga for relaxation” class or you can get your heart pumping with strength and cardio variations. Either or both may be just what you need to clear your mind and even warm you up Read More…

Tips for Students: Studying for Finals on Thanksgiving Break

For students who need extra study time, and those who just can’t get enough, Thanksgiving Break is a good chance to review materials in a more relaxing setting. Studying for finals takes time and patience. Waiting until the week of finals to begin is a sure-fire recipe for disaster, not to mention stress.

Get a head start

Most of the time, your final exams are going to be comprehensive of all or most of the semester. This makes studying for the test nearly impossible to do in just a few days. Save yourself some undue stress by starting on it slowly. Read More…

Tips for Students: How to Make it Through Finals

The second half of fall term tends to go by in a whirlwind. From turn-in dates to study schedules, there’s so much to keep track of. Share these helpful hints with your students for remaining confident and hanging on all the way through their final exams.

Try to stay calm

Author Chelsie McDonald’s article, “10 do’s and don’ts of finals week for college students” on the CengageBrain blog suggests: Stressing yourself out is not going to help. If you are getting frustrated or overwhelmed, step away from the situation for a moment to clear your head. Take a coffee or tea break, Read More…

Tips for Students: How to Survive Your Group Projects

Working with a partner or group in a single classroom session may be a refreshing change of pace for college students. However, extensive group projects often come with the negative stigma of undue stress and group-mates letting you down. Group work doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Share these tips with your students for mastering dynamic group work strategies.

Group work tips

If you’re someone who avoids group work like the plague and is simply waiting to graduate and be done with it, don’t get too ahead of yourself. The willingness and ability to work well in a group is a valuable skill Read More…

Tips for Students: How to Finish the Semester Strong

Students in the last month of the semester may often seem quite different than they did in the first month. After midterms may be the time when students and instructors alike begin to feel fatigued, but this time is the most important. Share these tips with your students for staying strong until the end.

Check in

Stay tuned in to your class all the way until you receive your final grade. Make sure you know what’s coming up, that you have all of your materials, and know what is going to be expected from you for the duration of the course. If you’re not sure where you Read More…

Tips for Students: How to Begin Searching for Scholarships

November 1st kicks off National Scholarship Month, which aims to raise awareness of the need for scholarship support for higher education. November is also the time that many college students begin searching for scholarships. Share these tips for finding the best scholarships with your class.

Get started

Scholarships make a big impact on many college students’ abilities to continue their education, yet earning a scholarship is no easy feat. Sometimes you’ll put in many hours of hard work and still not be selected. And that’s okay. Each scholarship application you fill out gives you much-needed practice that you won’t  get anywhere else. The key Read More…