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Tips for Students: Use Critical Thinking Skills During Midterms

Critical thinking skills can be applied in everything college students do for class — from research to skimming examination excerpts. Thinking critically allows students to develop the higher-order thinking abilities needed for academic study and career success. Share these tips with your students for thinking critically during midterm time.

Reading critically

Not only is it possible to think critically, it’s also important to read critically.This allows you to start making connections as soon as you begin a task. Reading critically can help you when you first start a research project or even as you’re reading through a big examination excerpt. You’ll begin to determine how Read More…

Tips for Students: How to Write a Strong Thesis

A thesis is the backbone to a compelling research paper, yet some college students either struggle with writing one or neglect to include one entirely. It’s important to remember that high school writing courses vary from school to school and while some college students may simply need a quick refresher, others may be starting from scratch. Share these tips with your students for crafting a strong thesis this semester.

Research paper thesis

A good thesis statement expresses your main idea, perspective or position based on your research. It should not be comprised of an extremely well-known fact. In the early stages of research, Read More…

Tips for Students: How to Narrow Down Your Research Topic

Part of the research paper writing process involves finding an angle or an approach that is interesting to both you and your readers. Students often have a hard time assessing just how manageable a subject is until they’ve already wasted considerable time. Share these tips with your students for choosing a concise research topic that they can discuss thoroughly.

Choosing a topic

According to authors Campbell, Schultz Huxman, and Burkholder in their book The Rhetorical Act: Thinking, Speaking and Writing Critically, 5th Edition, it’s a good idea to choose a topic that you can relate to. “Equally important for invention is your storehouse of knowledge Read More…

Tips for Students: How to Be Understanding of Others’ Views

Learning how to better understand the viewpoints of others is a valuable skill for people of all ages.  This can be applied when you’re considering the opinions of classmates, an author of a book, a lecturer, or even among your friends. The important key is to not be too quick to judge rashly. You’ll want to put yourself in their shoes and consider the context in which the conflicting opinion came to be. Authors John Mauk, Jayme Stayer, and Karen Mauk, in their book Think About It, 1st Edition, suggest that to do this for a reading, students should identify the Read More…

Tips for Students: Get Ahead with the MindTap Reader

Why is everyone going digital? We asked college students to explain how Cengage Learning’s MindTap Reader helps them master their classroom materials in a way that fits their needs. Share this with your students for getting the most out of MindTap Reader.

MindTap Reader

Imagine having all your reading in one place — all of your class notes, all of your assignments, all of your tests, and even your due dates — everything. Then imagine being able to customize it to your needs by making your own note cards, highlighting, and making notes in your digital material. Before your next exam, you can print all of Read More…

Self Tests: A Key to College Success

Whether they’re ten-question pop quizzes or hours-long final exams, tests weigh heavily on the minds of college students. And, though students may take part in cram sessions and all-nighters that take place on the eve of their exams, they may often find themselves wondering: Is there a more effective (and less stressful) way for me to study for these tests? The answer is yes! Research [such as that discussed in “The Testing Effect: Illustrating a Fundamental Concept and Changing Study Strategies,” an article by G.O. Einstein, H.G. Mullet, and T.L. Harrison (2012)] shows that self tests can help students retain the information they’re learning in their courses. In Read More…

Tips for Students: Get Ahead with MindTap Personalized Learning

Why is everyone going digital? We asked students from all backgrounds to explain how they use Cengage Learning’s MindTap to help them study smarter, master class material, and improve grades. College students have mastered the tech scene, and it’s our job to rise to meet them at their level by providing the academic tools and resources they need to do their best.

MindTap advantage

Can you imagine having all your materials in one place — all of your class notes, all of your assignments, all of your tests, and even your due dates — everything? Then imagine being able to customize it to your needs by Read More…

Three Top Study Strategies from Dr. Christine Harrington

The start of a new school year presents a door of opportunity to college students. If they’re hoping to improve their grades—or, if they’re facing increasingly challenging courses—they may be on the lookout for effective study skills that will help them retain what they’re learning, earn good grades, and feel confident in their ability to achieve their academic goals. In this video from the online resources for Student Success in College: Doing What Works!, Second Edition, author Dr. Christine Harrington mentions three successful study strategies: retrieval practice; organizing techniques; and group study. Learn why she recommends these Read More…

Tips for Students: Supplies You Can Rent to Save Money

When you officially become a college student, you suddenly have many options to choose from – including how to manage your finances. From textbooks to bikes and graphing calculators, students can save a lot of money by renting instead of buying. Share these simple money-saving tips with your students.

Rent a bike

Most college students find themselves with limited storage space, and bikes are not easily tucked away or kept safe outdoors. Fortunately you can still enjoy the outdoors or the convenience of a speedy ride to class with the occasional bike rental. There are bike-sharing businesses cropping up around the world that make it easy Read More…

Tips for Students: Do You Really Need to Use a Planner?

We recently asked hundreds of college instructors for their best time management tip for college students. They responded with many helpful suggestions ranging from tools to simply changing your outlook on education. But the largest majority recommended planners! Instructors who have seen thousands of students come in and out of their classrooms over the years believe that a planner is a vital tool for staying organized and getting ahead. It can be as simple as that. Share these hints with your class for getting organized.


You may well know that a planner is a highly useful time-management tool that can help you keep your important Read More…