Investing in Retention is Vital to Institutional Success

There is far too much at stake for institutions not to prioritize retention—especially in today’s educational climate.

Invest in Retention

Hear why Phillip Long, Chief Innovation Officer at the University of Texas at Austin, and MJ Bishop, Director of the Kirwan Center for Academic Innovation at University System of Maryland, believe retention is a mission-critical investment.


Stay tuned for more videos around relevant topics like employability, affordability and readiness.

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3 Things Stats Instructors and Students Taught Cengage

Guest contributor: Michael Saver, Cengage Statistics Over the past few years, the Statistics team at Cengage has been involved in research with thousands of instructors and students, listening intently to the needs on both sides. We’ve learned a great deal about how students approach their Statistics courses and how instructors teach it. Coincidentally enough, we’ve found that both are looking for a lot of the same things. Here are three of our biggest takeaways from the research that helped shape our new Stats in Practice videos, one of the key features in WebAssign.

Students need to make the connection

“We Read More…

Tips for Recording Video for the College Classroom

Video enhances learning in situations where a demonstration of a process or the modeling of behavior is required. It can also be invaluable to a busy instructor by standing in for you when you’re not available or as a presentation of information that you find yourself repeating often. While video offers a rich presentation experience for learners, it is a medium that requires a multitude of skills in its creation. Cell phone technology has made it easy to record and upload video but without the proper groundwork the final product won’t be successful. Here are a few tips Read More…

Share Stories of Student Collaboration with Digital and Win!

How do you encourage student collaboration in a digital environment? Share your story of successful student teamwork with your peers in our Make It Count contest. You could win excellent prizes, including a $100 gift card now and a paid trip to a national conference later.

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Student Insights on MindTap in the Classroom

What do you think your students expect from their digital learning tools and materials? Certainly, you have your own opinions on what works and what doesn’t. But what about students? What gets them motivated, engaged, and most importantly — what gets results? We spoke with college students to learn more about their experiences using MindTap. We asked about grades, accessibility, critical thinking, and outcomes. In the following videos, you’ll hear many of their responses. For some, it’s about getting detailed feedback on their performance every step of the way. Many students enjoy the helpful features such as a digital textbook for search, online flashcards, Read More…

Three Easy Ways to Create a Video for College Courses

Perhaps you want to submit a video in the Make It Count contest—or, perhaps you want to post a short video message to students in your course LMS or digital platform… but, you are worried that it would take too much time or that it’s too complicated of a process.

Fortunately, filming a video is a lot more convenient than it used to be. And, as far as the video contest, there are no high-tech requirements. In a short amount of time and with easily accessible equipment, you can connect with your students and your peers through video.
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Use Digital to Teach Current Events? Show Us How and Win!

How do you bring current events into the college classroom? Do you have a digital assignment that incorporates popular culture? In our Make It Count contest, you have the opportunity to share how you use digital learning tools to engage students in current events for a chance at great prizes.

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Choosing the Best Video Content in the Classroom

Choosing what videos to show in class or include with required materials is always a battle. Are shorter videos best to keep students’ attention spans? Are longer videos ideal to be the most thorough?

We recently surveyed thousands of college students about their experience with video in the classroom. For one question, we asked them simply, “How long  should a video shown in class be?” Read More…

2015 Economist Educators Best in Class Award Winners

The National Economics Teaching Association and Cengage Learning are pleased to announce this year’s Economist Educators Best in Class Award Winners!

Economics instructors across the U.S. entered to win our award, which praises how economists practice the art of instruction, harness the power of engagement, and foster the spark of discovery in their classrooms.

Review the winning submissions, and consider how you might apply these engaging and creative ideas in your own classroom!

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Reaching the Masses: The Power of Education

Often the newest technologies reach more expensive, private schools earlier than they reach public schools or community colleges. This may leave the hard working students and instructors at these schools at a disadvantage. Cengage Learning CEO Michael Hansen answers: “What do you think the country owes to the middle class?” He believes that we are not well served if we serve to only the elite. Community colleges are the backbone of the college system. Michael explains how easily education can change someone’s life. Education is a way to bring your creativity to the world in a way that is uniquely personal to you. Read More…