SAM 2013 for Instructors: How to Copy an Existing Section

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This instructor resource video demonstrates how to copy and existing section with SAM 2013. For additional resources, please visit SAM 2013 at Cengage Learning.

SAM 2013 for Instructors: How to Schedule SAM Path

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This instructor resource video demonstrates how to schedule SAM Path with SAM 2013. For additional resources, please visit SAM 2013 at Cengage Learning.

Video Highlights of 2013 from Cengage Learning

At Cengage Learning’s YouTube channel, we’ve posted a number of informative and entertaining videos. Below, we’ve highlighted just three of this year’s most popular selections; visit the channel and view more! What’s your favorite educational video—or video about education—that you’ve seen in 2013? Share it in the Comments section!

Engage at Every Stage: The Mobile Experience

In this video, recorded during Cengage Learning’s Engage 2013 conference, author Corinne Hoisington offers a variety of practical ideas to engage at every stage with mobile technologies. See how you can use innovative, adaptable student-created media projects that integrate curriculum using Bring Read More…

The Benefits of Instructional Technology

Like most instructors, you probably feel the pull of numerous demands on your time. Undoubtedly, you have activities and efforts to which you’d rather devote more time, as well as tasks that you wish would fill up less of your schedule. In other cases, you may recognize the worth of a given activity, but simply wish you could execute it in a more efficient manner. Often, technology tools and resources can help facilitate some of aspects of your daily responsibilities and thus become more free to interact with your students. In the video highlighted below, Susie H. VanHuss describes the Read More…

Discover the Interactive, Digital Enhancements to Mankiw’s Seventh Edition

Contributed by John Carey. In a world where most undergrads have never known a time when they did not interact with a digital environment daily, the Seventh Edition of Greg Mankiw’s Principles of Economics, which publishes in late November 2013, will include the most extensive interactive digital experience thus far. Students will be able to engage the kinds of digital resources that they are expecting (demanding) through text, video, interactive graphs, graded assignments, and tutorials. My favorite new enhancement is the series of Mankiw Roadmap videos. For many of the chapters, Greg himself introduces the student to the material Read More…

Preparing Students for Collaboration in the Workplace

Professionals in any field must have a strong handle on the skills, expertise, and knowledge that their work requires. However, if you have top-notch training or razor-sharp insights, but you don’t speak cogently or treat others with respect, it’s difficult to develop smooth-running work relationships or persuade others to see the value you have to offer to a project or team. Therefore, it pays to develop the soft skills that enable you to function well in groups and teams formed at work or within other organizations. In this video, Cengage Learning author Jeff Butterfield describes why he believes Read More…

Multiple-Choice Questions as Learning Tools

As an instructor, you have a number of strategies and tools you employ to spark students’ interest and motivate their learning. However, you also are likely interested in discovering or exploring additional ideas that you can bring into your classroom. Perhaps you try different activities, assignments, and teaching methods throughout the term, all the while observing which ones help students achieve the goals you’ve set out for the course. Or, perhaps you share your experiences with colleagues and gather new ideas that come about as a result of your discussions. Here, Ed Miller, co-author of Elementary Algebra and Read More…

The Role that Active Learning Plays in Engaging and Motivating Students

Are you eager to increase your students’ engagement with course material, as well as their motivation to participate in class? If so, you may wish to incorporate active learning principles into your course—and today’s video may offer you additional ideas and inspiration. Here, Cengage Learning management author Ricky Griffin discusses the value of making the classroom an active learning environment. He describes how active-learning strategies can be used to promote student engagement and true learning, and he underlines the role that activities, discussions, and cases can play in increasing skill and proficiency in the concepts you cover in your Read More…

Big Data: What It Is, and How You Can Use It

As you think about your courses for next term, you may be considering how you can incorporate relevant current content from social media, government resources, photo and video websites, wikis, and other sources into your lectures, presentations, and assignments. Such content keeps your course up to date and helps students make a connection between the concepts you cover in class and the experiences they have outside those classroom walls. However, the sheer breadth and depth of that content can be overwhelming. How and where do you begin capturing this deluge of information, and then implement its use in a Read More…

Students Share an Inspiring Slice of Life With Us

To truly learn means not giving up when the learning gets difficult.”   — Addie Ratcliff, MindTap “Slice of Your Life” contest first-place winner.
“I learn through action, and understanding as a result of kinetics. And through this singular experience, I found out how to apply a creative learning technique in other areas of my learning journey – and it has forever benefited me.” 
— Will Donovan, MindTap “Slice of Your Life” contest second-place winner. Throughout this week, we’ve posted the feedback and best practices that you’ve shared with us as you’ve read and reflected on blog topics about teaching online, Read More…