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Charity Work in College: Benefits to Student Volunteering

Students always find new ways to surprise their instructors. More and more high school and college students are participating in charity work these days for a variety of reasons–primarily because they enjoy it! If your students haven’t caught the charitable bug yet, they may just need a few hints and a nudge to get things started.

To begin with, we asked our community of educators if college students at their school have opportunities to participate in volunteer work. Discover how the opportunities at your school compare to those of your peers, and find some tips to share with your students on the many benefits of volunteering. Read More…

Teaching Students the Value of Building an ePortfolio

Portfolios have been an asset for students and job seekers for decades, and lately they’ve been getting a fresh, new look. Many employers and admissions officers now expect student applicants to provide an ePortfolio that quickly and concisely demonstrates their work experience and abilities.

Unfortunately, this is not something that students often begin working on until they are asked to provide one. Discover how you can communicate the value of an ePortfolio to your students and get them started on it early. Read More…

Entering the Workforce: How to Prep Your College Students

For college students brand new to the job market and even returning students looking for improved employment, a little guidance goes a long way. But where to start? Learn what college students have identified as their biggest job hunt concerns, and try these tips for preparing your students to tackle them.

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ThinkNation Webinar: Fill the Gap: Turning Learners into Workers

Companies are looking for students who bring skills to the employment table. By focusing on workforce readiness throughout college education, students can leave with skills that bring value to companies – and to themselves. Our next ThinkNation webinar will focus on just this. Join our Workforce Development Thought Leaders to learn more about this initiative, the legislation driving it in the educational space, and the core skills necessary to workplace success. Hear also from a current educator about his experience promoting workforce readiness at his institution. Friday, October 10th from 3:00 – 3:45 pm Featuring:
Kathryn Jo Mannes
Business/Education Partnerships Dr. Henry Johnson
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