Nina Messery, a full-time student at William Patterson University in New Jersey, is deep into her accounting classes as she shoots for her goal of becoming CPA certified and working toward a job in the public accounting field. As a junior, Messery is quickly learning that her discipline-specific courses are becoming more challenging, and as
such, require better preparation and concept mastery. But, like many college students, she admits she waits too long to get started with some assignments, which can add to her daily stress.

Her current tax class is the only course in which she’s currently using a digital homework resource, which has been helpful, because she explained, “I find that sometimes I don’t know where I’m going wrong.” Her current Tax 1 class uses CengageNOW for Tax (CNOW), an online collection of resources that provides students with engaging homework assignments, instant performance feedback, and problem solving skills that result in improved exam performance. The cloud-based collection of tools was created to help students master difficult concepts, reach higher levels of thinking, and achieve the level of mastery they need to be successful in the real world.

In this success story, you’ll read why Messery finds CengageNOW both convenient and easy to use. You’ll also learn how it enables her to polish her critical thinking skills, and how it helps her identify problem areas that require more study time.

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