Teaching with edtech can be a joy for instructors, as well as students. However, getting from Point A (the desire—or need—to use a new tech tool) to Point B (successful implementation) can prove challenging, especially if you or your colleagues are just getting up to speed.

Whether you yourself are new to teaching with edtech, or you have some colleagues who are about to join you on the journey, you’ll enjoy and be engaged by “Chalk and Talk the Edtech Walk,” a panel discussion brought to you by TeamUP, Cengage Learning’s peer-to-peer faculty development group.

During this informative and engaging virtual workshop, host Bridgett McGowen-Hawkins and panelists Rochelle Beatty, Damon Givehand, Jennifer Hurd, Greg Rivera, and Ann Wolf (all from TeamUP) conduct a lively discussion about the ways that you can make the most of edtech in your college classroom.

Their discussion covers:

  • Five significant benefits of adding technology to your classroom
  • Bridging the gap between faculty who love technology… and those who don’t
  • Overcoming your biggest challenges to integrating technology into your courses
  • Helping your students overcome their challenges to using technology for learning
  • Finding the time—and the right avenues—for researching available tech tools
  • Deciding which tools to use… and when to use or integrate them into teaching
  • Strategies to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed by the array of edtech tools available to you
  • The most promising—and practical—reason to use edtech

During the discussion, the panelists from TeamUP will also define and explain key tools and trends in edtech, including adaptive learning, the flipped classroom, video e-mail, gamification, online polling, social media, lecturecasts, and more.

You’ll also hear about cool applications that can foster peer-to-peer learning, sharing, and interaction, as well as Cengage Learning’s digital solutions such as MindTap, designed to boost engagement and outcomes in your course.

Want to keep learning? You can also review our recent podcast series, Who Moved My Chalkboard: Adventures in Using Edtech to Your Advantage, and gather tips that will help you get started.


What challenges and successes have you had while teaching with edtech? Have any questions for our presenters? Share them in the comments!