Your department’s using a new text next term… and the latest technology alongside it. You think: I’ve already got this term’s assignments to grade, classes to teach, and exams to prepare… in addition to all my research, administrative tasks, and departmental meetings. How am I supposed to find time to learn this technology—and turn around and be the “expert” in front of all my students? Things have gone well without these tech tools so far… Why change start teaching with technology NOW?

These concerns are understandable, especially if you’ve never taught with technology before. However, they need not be insurmountable.

Gather helpful edtech teaching tips and support from our latest podcast series

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In the first episode of the “Who Moved My Chalkboard” podcast series, Jennifer Hurd of Cengage Learning’s TeamUP Peer-to-Peer Faculty Development shares ways that you can get up and running on technology in the classroom, even when your on-campus training resources are in limited supply. She also tells you how TeamUP can help you and your colleagues get valuable training and support that shows you how to use edtech tools to their fullest advantage. They’ll help you gain the expertise you need to teach, lead, and engage your students in the learning process!

Have you taught with edtech? How did you get the training and support you needed in order to get started? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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Cengage Learning TeamUPOn May 6 at 1PM Eastern, Cengage Learning’s TeamUP will host a webinar: “Chalk and Talk the Ed Tech Walk:  A Panel Discussion.” Topics covered will include: overcoming the challenges of integrating technology into teaching; helping students embrace edtech; deciding which tools to use—and when to use them; finding the right time and right avenues to research edtech tools that are right for you; and more! Register for our edtech tips webinar today!

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