New technologies are everywhere and changing how you can engage with your students. The more our tech tools—and our lives—interconnect, classrooms will likewise be transformed.

With that said… are you feeling as though it’s time to update your technology curriculum? If so, listen in on “The Tech Scene of 2014,” Corinne Hoisington’s presentation from the 2014 Course Technology Conference. She discusses many of the technology trends of 2014, including the “Internet of Things,” wearable computers, new cloud technologies, and more. As always, Corinne presents in an engaging, enthusiastic, and inspiring manner: offering a variety of ideas for bringing these tools into the classroom, and prompting you to think how they might work in your own courses.



Have you seen any of these new tech tools in action? (Perhaps you use them yourself!) How are you integrating them into your courses? Discuss in the comments!