We’ve all been through it: you make the dreaded call to tech support and endure long wait times, confusing phone trees, and agents who seem to lack empathy and urgency when it comes to resolving your issue.  It can leave you more frustrated than the issue that prompted you to contacted Customer Support in the first place.

However, in Kentucky, the Cengage Learning Support Hub is bustling with 400 employees who strive to dispel this stereotype every single day, seeing each phone call as an opportunity to make a real difference in students’ and instructors’ lives.

“A young girl called in and I could tell she was kind of shaky. In the middle of the conversation, she started to cry,” Nick Brauer, Cengage Learning Customer Support Lead (pictured above), recalls. “We’ve all been there when we’ve felt overwhelmed, especially if you’re a freshman in college and you just want to do your homework. You have to put yourself in their shoes; you have to listen. That’s the only way you’re going to figure out what they need.”

Between students, instructors, and administrators, the Cengage Learning support team takes hundreds of calls like this and faces a variety of issues every day. However, while the issues may vary, the approach to resolving them is consistent.

Deby Weik, Technical Support Representative agrees. She recalls speaking with one specific instructor on several occasions as he was having a difficult time making the transition from print to digital products. “Sometimes customers just need someone to listen and assure them, ‘We can get through this!’ By allowing them to take a moment vent their frustration – and truly partnering with them to find a solution – you can turn any negative experience into a positive!” Deby says.

With customer satisfaction over 97%, it’s clear that this approach is resonating. And it makes the job very fulfilling for this Kentucky-based team. “I love working here and I adore my co-workers,” Deby recently told us.I love learning and this position allows me to learn new technologies while assisting customers.”