Smartphones need not be the enemy of your course. There are a certainly a number of ways you can take advantage of this technology during class time— but smartphones can also be a student’s best friend outside the classroom (for reasons beyond text messages, viral videos, and multi-player word games, that is).

Our colleagues at recently recommended ten apps students can use to help keep their school, work, and social lives in order. In addition to useful apps for scheduling, homework help, and budgeting, they mention a few apps that bring on the fun. (You may even want to add those to your own smartphone or tablet — who says instructors can’t enjoy some entertainment now and then?) is the premier destination for purchasing Cengage Learning textbooks, eBooks, eChapters, study tools and textbook rentals at significant discount.
Do you have any apps to recommend to students, for use in or out of the classroom? Have you observed any positive results from the use of those apps? Share your recommendations in the comments.