Affordability is an initiative higher education is confronting, spanning a host of areas including tuition and fees, and also, course materials. Supporting student retention, cost reduction and overall value is a strong focus at Cengage, says Cengage VP of Content Strategy, Cheryl Costantini, who hosted a panel discussion called “The Journey to OER.”

It’s a strong focus for institutions, too. In our webinar, “The Journey to OER: A Panel Discussion,” learn what three experienced higher education professionals are saying about how schools can use resources effectively, one open textbook author’s insights on the OER market, and more.

How OER Fits In

Costantini stresses that many affordability initiatives encourage or require OER implementation. Cengage forecasts that by the year 2020, the use of OER will grow to represent 12% of the market—a spike from its current place at four to five percent. This surge of digital content emboldens schools to expand the use of OER to multiple courses, or entire programs. This does bring its own risks, as OER content can lack the scrutiny and curation published materials undergo, but OER is certainly an area being increasingly explored to help reduce student costs.

Technology and OER

While there’s a lot of experimentation around the use of OER, the technology at its most basic meets key criteria for empowering teaching and confident learning, regardless of the materials used. Making content easy and efficient to share is key to keeping learners on track, and more institutions enabling digital learning with OER are seeing some viable success.

In fact, many two-year colleges and universities—with four-year establishments not far behind—have already taken the plunge. The question is this: what is the right mix of OER and how can it responsibly be applied?

Faculty Panel Discusses OER

Like with any academic program, faculty involvement is critical to success. Explore where to begin on your OER journey with trends, success stories and predictions covered by Constantini and three members of the higher education community.

Discover ways OER helps them:

  • Increase student engagement
  • Boost usage in institutional libraries
  • Generate partnership between education and technology companies


Enjoy the webinar!