The MindTap Effect: The Connection Between Courseware and Confident Learners

Efficacy & Research
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A recent analysis of data from MindTap users has revealed that the digital learning platform can lead to better grades, higher student retention, greater confidence and increased student engagement. Cengage collected quantitative and qualitative data from 100 institutions and over 10,000 students from Fall 2016 to Spring 2019.

“Students, on average, scored 20 points higher on final exams—homework and test scores also increase with MindTap!” – Srikant Devaraj, Ph.D. Research Assistant Professor, Ball State University.


Key findings:

  • Students achieved 14 percent higher grades with MindTap, with a 27 percent increase in A and B grades.
  • MindTap students had a 17 percent higher course pass rate than non-MindTap
  • 71 percent of students said MindTap made them more motivated to learn and increased their confidence.