The Today’s Student project by Cengage Learning is based on original research that springs from our company’s commitment to gaining insights directly from students. We surveyed and interviewed 5,000 students—traditional and non-traditional, from four-year and two-year colleges—for their impressions of success, career prospects, technology, courses, and obstacles to achieving academic goals.

In this report, Cengage Learning explores how students define their “best” and “worst” classes and uncovers the criteria that influenced this ranking. Student comments largely spoke to the importance of active learning—using technology to complement instructor interaction.

» Download the whitepaper: “The Not-So-Powerful PowerPoint®: Students Weigh the ‘Best’ Classes against the ‘Worst’”

Key findings:

  • As students see it, the best classes provide knowledge and skills that tie directly to their definition of success.
  • Given that 69% of students are focused on getting a job, the importance of connecting the curriculum to their perception of job-related skills is critical.
  • Technology plays a large role in the classroom – but interactivity is key.