As a Professor of English at Blinn College, it is crucial to bolster and maintain my students’ performance. If there were #JustOneThing I could recommend to my peers, it would be the MindTap Progress App.

What Does the Progress App Do?

The Progress App enables me to reach out individually at the beginning of the semester and at midterms to students who may not understand what I expect of them in my online class. Using the Analytics Tab, I can see which students are not fully engaged in the class, how much time they are spending on course work, and how many assigned activities they have accessed. I use this information after the second week of class and at midterms to email students who are not meeting the engagement expectations I have set up. I then use the Gradebook Tab at midterm to see each student’s overall performance. The drop-down list enables me to see students who are on the path to failing. With just two clicks, I can email low-performing students and bring their class status to their attention. These simple acts greatly increase student retention and success.

Big Picture with a Sharp Focus

The Progress App also gives me the ability to see the big picture of what my class is doing, where they are struggling, and what additional resources they need to be successful. In the Overview Tab, I can see each assignment, the due date I have assigned to it, and the overall score my class has received on that particular assignment. If I click on the overall score, I can see the score each student earned on that assignment. When students are struggling with an assignment, I can provide them with extra resources, allowing me to reassess their understanding of that topic. In this way, I make sure students are fully learning and understanding all course content.

Grade with Knowledge

At the end of the semester, the Progress App helps me make more informed decisions about my students. The Gradebook Tab enables me to see the overall class average. If I would like to drop an assignment, I can see which activity would be best for the entire class. I find that during final grades, I inevitably have a few students who are right in between two grades. By being able to see overall student engagement and time spent in the course, I can make more objective decisions for these students.

I know that there are many additional ways to use the Progress App, but these three make it my #JustOneThing in MindTap.