On October 20th and 21st, the Cengage Learning English Team hosted a professional development event in San Francisco for 15 English faculty members, Composition coordinators, department chairs, and writing program administrators from all across the country.

We started off with a lovely welcome reception at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel. The following morning, we brought our attendees to the San Francisco office for a full day of hands-on, peer-to-peer professional development sessions.

George Miller, former US Congressman and current Cengage special education advisor, joined us for a fireside chat and Q&A session with instructors. He discussed how education was a gift to him and how, over his career, he has leveraged his influence to help struggling students complete college and succeed in life through education. He also emphasized how the excitement and non-judgmental nature of the digital medium today supports students more than he ever imagined it would.

Speaker George Miller, The Write Recipe

Speaker George Miller, The Write Recipe: What’s Cooking with Cengage English

Our newest author of Becoming Rhetorical, Jodie Nicotra, presented a session on multimodal composition. She discussed different modalities for composing and the rhetorical choices students make. Then instructors worked to create their own multimodal assignments, which we loaded into a MindTap course for sharing.

Speaker Jodie Nicotra, The Write Recipe

Speaker Jodie Nicotra, The Write Recipe: What’s Cooking with Cengage English

In the afternoon sessions, we heard from Liberty faculty, Carolyn Towles and Travis Holt, who shared how they use MindTap in their Developmental and Composition English courses and the appeal it has for their students. We also had breakout sessions on our new JUST IN TIME PLUS module, MindTap Literature 2.0, a deep dive into Becoming Rhetorical, and the Integrated Reading and Writing MindTap. We ended with “What’s Cengage Cooking Up Next?” and gave this group of instructors a sneak peak at some of our upcoming MindTap English features.

The Write Recipe: What’s Cooking with Cengage English

The Write Recipe: What’s Cooking with Cengage English

We enjoyed some great food, engaged in meaningful conversations, and collaborated on all things English!

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