Building a ThinkNation Webinar Series
Utilizing Student-to-Student Learning to Improve Academic Outcomes

Where do today’s students turn when they become “stuck”? Through the student-to-student study materials marketplace, students gain access to student-created study materials such as notes, study guides, flashcards, videos, and live video sessions.  This approach benefits learners, but can also help educators discover opportunities to improve student engagement and refine teaching practices.

Join Lester Lefton, President Emeritus of Kent State University, as he shares his view on how peer-to-peer education can provide much needed assistance to a generation of students who arrive to college unprepared for the work ahead of them.  We’ll also be joined by Michael Matousek as he shares the story of his company,, and its mission to supplement and reinforce the in-class experience and assigned textbook through the platform. By leveraging original student-created content, students have another opportunity to get help in real-time, preventing them from falling behind throughout the semester, to improve academic outcomes, student retention, and graduation rates. Hear their thoughts and experiences on this topic, and learn how you can help your students to take advantage of this technology.


Date and Time: Friday, October 17th from 3:00 – 3:45 pm EST

Presented by:

Lester Lefton, President Emeritus, Kent State University
Michael Matousek, CEO/Co-Founder of

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