How can institutions deliver quality and accessible online education at scale? Dr. Kristina Mitchell details her strategies from Texas Tech University in the Thought Leadership Forum: Revolutionizing Accessibility and Content Delivery.

The Design and Implementation Process

1. Establish Learning Objectives: Dr. Mitchell partnered with Cengage Learning’s Instructional Design team to determine a clear course outline and objectives. Together, they took in to consideration important factors such as:

  • How to enhance the overall user experience for students and instructors
  • How to develop an easy to navigate homepage to guide learners throughout the course
  • How to meet ADA compliance
  • How to incorporate engaging and diverse content like simulations, integrated video clips, and interactive modules
  • How to integrate the eBook into the LMS for a completely online experience

2. Confirm Content: Dr. Mitchell went on to outline the variety of existing and new content she used to fully optimize the students’ learning experience including discussion boards and manageable lesson chunks to gauge student’s critical thinking skills. She also explained the process she takes to keep her materials and test questions fresh.
3. Revise: A critical piece of the process, Dr. Mitchell stressed the value in reviewing outcomes regularly. Dr. Mitchell and her team made changes after the first rollout to address:

  • Academic integrity
  • LMS migration issues
  • The need for additional graded work built-in


To learn about the results at Texas Tech and hear Dr. Mitchell address questions around testing for usability, tools for aggregating content, and plagiarism, access the full recording and presentation slides from the Accessibility and Content Delivery Webinar.

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