Perhaps you want to submit a video in the Make It Count contest—or, perhaps you want to post a short video message to students in your course LMS or digital platform… but, you are worried that it would take too much time or that it’s too complicated of a process.

Fortunately, filming a video is a lot more convenient than it used to be. And, as far as the video contest, there are no high-tech requirements. In a short amount of time and with easily accessible equipment, you can connect with your students and your peers through video.

Here are three easy methods for filming your own video:

1. Use your mobile device!
Nowadays, it’s easy to record ourselves with one of the many devices that many of us have around. Prop up your phone or your iPad. Set the camera feature to video, and be sure that it’s set to record you (and not whatever is behind it). Ready. Set. Action! That’s it.

2. Turn a friend into a filmmaker!
Hand your iPad, phone, or a video camera to a friend and have him or her play filmmaker. This leaves you free to concentrate on sharing your assignment rather than wondering if you are in frame.

3. Use a screencast program.
Make your computer screen the star with free screen recording technology, like Jing or Screencast-O-Matic. These programs allow you to film your computer screen as you work with voiceover. So, you can show us your favorite digital assignment while telling us why you use it and how it engages your students!

Use the option that is best for you to share your message or lecture with your students, or to submit your story to the Make It Count contest. Good luck!

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