In college classrooms across the country, instructors are witnessing the effectiveness of MindTap for improving academic outcomes and student success in today’s courses. The data from their courses show that, when they’ve assigned MindTap, they’ve seen successes in the form of higher test scores and overall improved student outcomes.

What’s more, their students are telling them that MindTap helped them review, understand, and master the course content, and that they enjoy engaging with the homework and learning activities. For example, students said:

  • “MindTap was extremely helpful and I was able to grasp and practice concepts with relative ease.” (Student using MindTap for General Chemistry)
  • “MindTap is very helpful. I’ve retained a lot more information this year than when I took psych previously. I don’t think it would have happened without MindTap. I’ve become more interested in psych because of it.” (Student using MindTap for Psychology)

How MindTap improves student outcomes and success: Examples from three recent studies

Three of our recent studies show the successes that instructors across disciplines have seen when using and assigning MindTap in their courses. For example:

Don’t see your discipline listed above? Review our complete list of MindTap efficacy reports for additional white papers, case studies, instructor & student success stories, and more. You can also browse our content by discipline.

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We also invite you to listen to a recording of our recent webinar, during which Greg Gellene of Texas Tech University discusses his five tips for designing a course to better engage college students.