Carving out time to study efficiently and effectively while balancing extracurricular activities as well as financial pressures is no easy feat for college students.

MindTap streamlines test preparation and helps students study more efficiently and perform better on exams. Courses using MindTap experience greater retention rates and improved critical thinking skills due to students’ ability to personalize study tools to meet their specific needs.

Psychology student Nia Berry believes that MindTap helps students better comprehend and retain concepts not included in classroom lectures, and as such she touts MindTap to other students as something that helps them learn to study more effectively in other classes, as well.

As a Student Ambassador, Berry reminds classmates they can write off MindTap on their taxes as well. “I love MindTap,” Berry said. “I sell students on it by emphasizing all of the study tools it offers and how it takes away the hassle of carrying around or even forgetting your book.”

You can read more about Nia’s experiences with MindTap in our Success Story, “Student Struggles with Time Management and
Difficult Exams that Require Rigorous Preparation.”

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