Rachel Bull, a freshman at Texas Christian University, does most of her studying during the early morning hours, long before classes actually begin. Despite waking up before her peers, Bull says it’s still hard to find the time required to complete her coursework and prepare thoroughly for tests.

Bull dreams of working one day for a large fashion company in New York City. At the time, however, she says it’s difficult to balance her course load with other interests such as working out, church, and staying in touch with family. “I’m pretty good at managing time but with so many assignments it just gets overwhelming,” she said.

In this Student Success Story, you’ll read how MindTap’s personalized learning environment has saved Rachel time, while also minimizing her stress. You’ll also see how MindTap’s real-time performance evaluations promote better study habits and test preparation… leading to better grades, better time management, and increased awareness of her progress in class.

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