Instructors in a variety of settings are implementing flipped-classroom strategies and techniques into their courses. And, if reader response to Engaging Minds posts is any indication, many more instructors are intrigued by the concept of the flipped classroom and want to explore the opportunities it might open up for active learning, collaboration, and increased student engagement.

In the presentation “Flip and MOOC Out Your Hybrid/Blended Courses” from the 2014 Course Technology Conference, Frances Rampey of Wilson Community College discusses tools, techniques, and methods that she has successfully used to incorporate principles of flipped teaching methodology into hybrid or blended courses. (She also shares some ideas that didn’t quite work as planned!) As you watch, you’ll also gather ideas for maximizing face-to-face class time and holding students accountable for online assignments and materials.



Are you a proponent of the flipped classroom? What are your tips and techniques for flipping your hybrid and blended courses? Share them in the comments section below.