Each new school year brings new opportunities to set yourself up for success. For college students, that often means getting their priorities established early on and sticking to them.

We asked hundreds of college instructors what advice they have for students hoping to set their priorities more effectively. See what they had to say and share these tips with your students.

Below are ten of the most frequently recurring suggestions from instructors:

If a student came to you seeking advice about setting their priorities more effectively, what would you recommend?

  1. Create a schedule of work and study and learn how to say ‘NO’.”
  2. “Visit learning center on campus; attend workshops on time management.”
  3. “I’d say what I put in my syllabi. Each 3 hour course should take them 9 hours per week: 3 in class and 6 doing homework for the class. So 4 courses is a 36 hour week and 5 courses make up a 45 hour week.”
  4. Study in small increments for each class every day. Review notes shortly after class. Do not study with cell phone on!”
  5. “First, calculate how much time you need to devote to your activities. Then prioritize, maybe even drop one commitment. Finally, make a weekly schedule that reflects your commitments and stick with it.”
  6. “I would first ask about their most important goals and use those to determine what their priorities should be.
  7. “The first thing I would ask is if they had a planner. Somewhere in which they specifically assigned time to certain activities. I feel that a lot of students fail to simply plan.”
  8. “I recommend that they take the time management seminar offered by our Student Success Center. I have some basic strategies, but it seems very common for students these days to ‘place blame’ on others (e.g., ‘I did what you told me and it didn’t work.’) Our student success center has a very good, 45 minute class that details some of the most effective ways to manage one’s time.”
  9. Set specific goals,” not vague goals.
  10. “Do not put in as many hours at work if your grades are suffering.”

What additional suggestions do you have for college students looking to prioritize their time? Share your ideas below.