Tutoring is highly advantageous before exams as well as throughout the school year. Yet, some hesitant students may be unsure how to utilize the service or even where to begin.

Help your students prepare for finals by sharing these tips on how to study with a tutor.

Start now

It’s best to make an appointment when you first detect signs of struggling in a course. Or, if you’re just trying to get a leg up on finals, now is the time to start visiting a tutor.

Visit your school website, your advisor, or your major’s department to learn what resources might be available.

Arrive prepared

Bring along any notes or comments your instructor may have given you on areas you need to work on. That may include any assignments or exams you didn’t do well on. Doing this will help you and your tutor focus on where you have the most room for improvement, rather than trying to re-teach you a whole course.

If you only have a limited amount of time with your tutor, or limited time before a big exam, take the time to prioritize what you’d like your tutor to help you with. Hopefully, you can get through everything, but if not, it may help to start with the most important concepts.

Pack your bag

For your first session, bring all of your classroom materials: books, notes, syllabus, handouts, and laptop for any online components. After you and your tutor make a plan for how you’re going to tackle the material, you may not need to haul everything in every time.

Be optimistic

Remember that your tutor is there to help you overcome a problem that you’re experiencing. This means they may suggest that you try study methods you’ve never used before and may be skeptical of. All you can do it try your best and remain open-minded.

Our recent blog post, “College Students on Seeking Tutors and Study Help” explains the importance of shifting your mindset from “victim” to that of a “creator.” Visit the post to learn more about this theory.

Don’t give up

Spending time with a tutor will not double your GPA overnight. Some concepts may click for you really quickly once they explain them in a new way. Other concepts may take considerable practice or memorization.

But don’t give up if you don’t see results right away. Tell your tutor if something isn’t working for you, and work with them to find a solution.

Have you attended tutoring sessions before? Tell us why or why not below!