While some believe that students sail through college covered financially by their parents, we know that many crucially rely on scholarships to help them get by. For this reason, scholarship season is non-stop for some hard-working students. Share these tips for finding the best scholarships with your students.

Head to the web!

There are many scholarship websites available for you to peruse. Some even let you create a profile that will help match you with relevant scholarships that you are eligible for. Head to a search engine and start searching for “[your major or interests] + scholarship.”

Search your school website

If you’ve already declared a major, you may want to go straight to your department’s webpage to look for area-specific scholarships and awards. Sometimes, departments will require just one application and essay for multiple entries (score!) and you can save time while applying for as many as you’re eligible for.

What not to do

Finally ready to submit that perfectly polished scholarship application? From the scholarship experts at scholarships.com, make sure you avoid these top 10 scholarship mistakes: 

  1. Mail the envelope without the application enclosed
  2. Submit an incomplete application
  3. Forget to include your name and/or address
  4. Submit an illegible or unintelligible application
  5. Send the application with insufficient postage
  6. Submit irrelevant or inappropriate supporting documentation
  7. Submit a dirty or stained application
  8. Apply for an award when falling short of the minimum requirements
  9. Make a number of spelling errors
  10. Be rude or abusive to the judges

Cengage Learning scholarships

Cengage Learning has a number of scholarships now available as well—thirty, in fact! Our partners at Questia and CengageBrain are now accepting student applications for THIRTY $500 academic scholarships for the 2015 fall semester. But move quickly; scholarships are due next week!

Scholarships are available for students studying:

  • Humanities
  • Social sciences
  • Communications
  • Business
  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing/medical assisting
  • Optometry

Visit our recent post, “3 Quick Tips and 30 New Scholarships for College Students” for details on applying.

What advice do you have for college students looking for the best scholarships? Share your ideas below.