The second half of fall term tends to go by in a whirlwind. From turn-in dates to study schedules, there’s so much to keep track of.

Share these helpful hints with your students for remaining confident and hanging on all the way through their final exams.

Try to stay calm

Author Chelsie McDonald’s article, “10 do’s and don’ts of finals week for college students” on the CengageBrain blog suggests:

Stressing yourself out is not going to help. If you are getting frustrated or overwhelmed, step away from the situation for a moment to clear your head. Take a coffee or tea break, go for a 20-minute jog around campus to get the blood flowing, or listen to relaxing music to de-stress. Take a shower. Seriously, showering, shaving, brushing teeth, washing hair and putting on clean clothes will brighten your spirits. If you look and feel sharp, you’ll be sharp.

Pay attention

You know that you should be making it to every that class you can, and you know that you should be checking in on your online components frequently. But don’t just go through the motions.

It’s easy to get stuck in auto-pilot the last few weeks of school, but this is when it’s the most important. Your instructor will likely be reviewing the information you need most, and they may even make adjustments to final requirements or due dates. Do your best to pay attention during class hours and be sure to ask any questions you have before it’s too late.

Speak up

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you like to think out loud, make sure to speak up and ask questions during class time. If you’d prefer to share ideas with a smaller group, see if a couple classmates want to meet and review so you can talk through concepts with them.

Everyone works through material a little bit differently, so don’t sweat it if you’re not the most vocal student.  If you prefer a one-on-one review session, find a partner, make an appointment with a tutor, or try to schedule a little time with your instructor. When meeting with your instructor, just make sure to come prepared with a few specific questions, rather than expecting them to reteach entire sections.

 Be confident!

It’s common to lose a bit of confidence during finals preparation — A students, C students, everyone. But don’t give up before you’ve even begun. Just believing in yourself can get you a long way. Think through the goals you want to achieve, and do everything you can to achieve them.

In her presentation “The ABCS Approach to Goal Setting and Implementation,” author Christine Harrington explains that setting what seem like impossibly high goals can help you achieve what you never knew you could. If you’re calculating what grade you need to get on your final exam to earn a certain class grade, reach for the stars! What would an A+ on your final get you? How much would you have to study to earn it?

What helps you get through finals week? Share your thoughts with us below.